A Grand Day Out


Last month I also joined Nigel Botterills Entrepreneur Circle. (EC)

Nigel is a Solihull guy with 8 separate million pound businesses who runs his EC to help other business owners get to where he is.

Out of all the advice I read and watched on the internet, he was for me the most likeable and the fact that they were offering 2 months membership for just £20 was a no brainer really. While regular monthly membership fees of £80 will not be sustainable so I am never planning to continue, I have already learned loads of stuff and the welcome pack contains free stuff well above even the standard fee.

Anyway so this weeks day out was a trip to Botty Towers (EC HQ) in Solihull for a new members marketing training day.

When I found out about it my heart skipped a beat – I could go, couldn’t I, its half term no picking the kids up from school………. but then who would look after them……….Its a Tuesday my mum often comes over……….but its a long day……..Derek could book the day off work………Oops but its a holiday week probably too short notice………. Oh what to do who to ask.

Derek asked at work but to no avail, too many other staff already off. So in desperation I asked my mum for a really big favour if the boys could come to her for the day ………….. And she said yes.


So all booked, and paid for (a £99 commitment fee – refunded if you attend – so free really) I settled back into my week..

Designing the logo for local heating engineer John Garde – almost done so I will upload it on Facebook and Pinterest when finalised.

Tweaking my own website, with little improvements – if you keep checking you could play your own game of spot the differences as they unfold over the coming months.

Then we had a fantastic holiday weekend with the weather, and hubby painting the shed and me and the boys playing in the garden. (thats me and the boys playing, NOT hubby painting the shed and me)….  then the big day out arrived.

With military precision, if not speed, I prepared the day before.
Google mapping my journey and street viewing the important bits (See my last blog on the lack of Sat Nav).

Packing clothing bags for the boys who were to be out of bed and in the car in PJ’s for a full day and 3 square meals at Grandmas in Nottingham.

So bright and early Tuesday morning my eldest son is up at 6.30 after insisting on an alarm clock, he jumps straight out of bed and starts getting dressed – completely forgetting the PJ travel plan, and getting in my way!

Funny how he never does this on a school day when he is still in bed at 8am.
So back in his PJ’s, car packed and little brother beside him we set off from Fradley.

7am depart in the rain
7.45 arrive grandmas in Nottingham in the rain
8am depart, Nottingham child free, in the rain

Drive down the M1, in more horrendous rain, miss junction 23a onto the A42 – curse and swear unmentionables and reflect on the advantages of Sat nav.
Exit at junction 22 with half an idea to go back and try again but spot a sign for M42 via A512 Ashby and breath a sigh of relief and carry on.
With extra careful driving concentration, in the heavy rain, I finally arrived in plenty of time and settled down at Botty Towers for my day of learning.

Needless to say it was a grand day out – if a little tiring by the end – I have 10 pages of notes, a to do list and the satisfaction that I had already started to implement a few of the marketing strategies recommended for all round business improvement.

the journey home – in the ever persistent rain was quicker than on the way, and my fantastic mum had dinner ready when I arrived a 6pm to collect the boys.

then my brilliant hubby also had dinner ready when we arrived home at 7.45pm.

2 dinners prepared for me in one day – now thats something you don’t get much of.

I could go on, but my original promise not to waffle seems to have come close to being broken.


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