birthday and beginnings but no Jing!

This week I have had trouble deciding what to type my blog about., but the one thing I need to do is say Happy Birthday to my father-in-law Bryan, and thank him for reading my blog.

Subjects I thought about:
1. doing another little insight that I learned from the Entrepreneurs circle
2. snippets from Nigel Botterills book that I have started reading
3. showing you a video of my latest seeding project…… (SEEDING?  where was my brain how did I type that?) OF COURSE I MEAN DESIGN PROJECT

it’s my husband who has been seeding – the front lawn…next to the drive where the roses used to be and I got attacked every time I got me and Lucas out of the car…………and the back lawn where the original owner had a great deal more desire to plant flowers and ornamental gravel bedded fountains than we have and obviously no children with scooters and footballs!

BUT they are all subjects for another day as I think

1. too much Ent. Circle too often will look like their blog and not mine.

2. I need to read a bit more of Nigels book before I can comment ( I did manage a whole chapter out in the sunshine on Sunday afternoon at Barton Marina, whilst picnic ing under the trees and eating ice cream outside the shops. Derek was great playing with the boys – he needs the exercise! (he will agree, but not appreciate the broadcast)

3. I need to get to grips with the Jing software in order to do a decent video, I did only download it at midnight – and I did my first guinea pig run of the kind of thing to expect. But the .swf file will not upload here – so will have to sort out a you tube upload (not done this yet so any help gratefully received – please leave your comments)

So in the end I decided to tell you about wild ideas beginnings, 5 and a half years ago and THE BUSINESS OF BEING A MUM……….

I always imagined going back to work part time, but then I discovered what all new mums do – you have no idea how you will feel about the baby, once the baby becomes this adorable little person who you cannot imagine being separated from not for a minute.

I was lucky that we realised that really my salary had gone on decorating the house and posh holidays, and saving up most of it for the past year at work to buy my new car. (which 3 accidents kids and car seats later is not looking so new anymore – its in the garage for service today)

So when my company was having absolutely none of the working part-time thing, and I did not want to think what kind of environment I may have to work in should I force a legal battle, I gave up my job.

The maternity money (basic) plus the child benefit, a bit of tax credit at the time and after a while a part time bar job at The Cliff Inn, Crich, kept us afloat.

And having a husband who always did camping holidays as a child, and me who had camped with  the guide and scout association, we were well set up to take our family on our now annual 13 night getaway in reasonable luxury (for camping standards) the boys love it , and so far ( we are coming up to year 7) the weather has been smiling. who needs posh holidays anyway?

( will do a detailed camping blog after this years getaway)

And do you know how many people said…”why don’t you just set up on your own”  look it was the easiest thing in the world! It sounds easy if you say it fast, and actually it wasn’t so bad taken one step at a time.

Back in 2007, when my son was less than two years, I tentatively registered my business, as a sole trader and took the first step.

At the time I benefitted from advice and support from the Focusing Creativity Course run by the Derbyshire Enterprise Agency. Not to mention grants and funding to help small businesses get started.
I met others on the course, including another mum, and we traded our skills, she wrote my terms and conditions of business and I designed her business stationery, thereby establishing a business link and friendship.

I accidentally discovered a neighbour with a web design business, in Andy Gaucher, at, who offered to code up and produce my website design for free, and lend me a newer computer for as long as I needed it (ended up being a couple of years).
So there are good decent people out there.

Five years in and now I am a mother of 2 boys instead of 1, still with one pre-schooler, so more challenges at home, and priorities to the children, means growth of the business is slow, but it is at a pace I can control, knowing I am in charge.

I now have some regular clients and repeat work and a few new clients, and open my email box to welcome many more.

I have just joined the Federation of Small Businesses, and am excited at the support that they can give me and the networking opportunities in the local area to generate more customers.

Recently I have established a business relationship with my second cousin Dennis Bell at DBN web design, and transferred my website hosting to his company and we are in the middle of a bit of a content revamp.

When Lewis was young I created various charts to help monitor and motivate his behaviour  and development and they are available as PDF file to purchase from my website.

Order a pre-designed STANDARD version or (soon to be available) upgrade to PREMIER and create a chart with your own specific headings that is unique to you for your child’s needs. Both can be personalised with your child’s name and photo.

So that’s the brief synopsis of where we are today. I am proving ( even if it is a bit of a chaotic mess sometimes) that you can make a commitment to yourself and make a go of it.

I am achieving (kind of in a gradually getting better organised fashion) the goal of working from home with the flexibility that allows me to spend Mondays at a swimming lesson and Tumble Tots, being a mum and Wednesday at a client meeting, then Friday in the office (my spare room) being a business woman.

Sorted the Jing video, try this link to view:

Details for Wild Ideas can be found at

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