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This week its about marketing to your clients and attracting business. Bear with me at the beginning. (this is a bit that I learned from The Entrepreneurs Circle)

How much would toy pay to get your car cleaned for a special occasion – your daughters / sons wedding for instance?

£50,  £500, £5000 ?
There is a guy in business who charges £17000 – yes yes you think I am joking
and of course he cannot charge that amount to Joe Bloggs, not even to John Smith or Paul Brown either, but to the Sultan of Brunei and the crown prince of Dubai well thats different.

But to sell to the billionaires you have to pursue them with a decent incentive, sell yourself in a great original way, get in touch with them with a decent business gift,  to promote yourself.

Now if a customer was going to potentially spend £17000 with you,  how much would you be prepared to spend on them to make sure you got that business?

Would you – send them a professionally delivered gift wrapped ipad loaded with a professionally made video of you doing what you do complete with testimonials from your other clients?
Could that cost £1000? – but its worth it right to get back 17 times that amount?

OK so you get the picture, and thats another lesson I got from the EC.

SO, back in the real world to target Joe Bloggs, I did some research on business gifts, and pens are still popular but once they run out then they get binned and your advertising message is binned with them.

The item with the best value and longevity seems to be a memory stick – and that’s ideal for me as I often have to send out customers their completed logo files in loads of different formats.

So thats how I came across Flashbay – http://www.flashbay.co.uk/
who only make USB memory sticks – loads of them, printed with your logo.

What an absolutely fabulous website, clear to understand, well thought out, excellent navigation, they are so good I cannot fail to promote them.

So my free sample pack arrived on Tuesday, the day my mum comes.

The whole family was looking through the beautiful presentation display box, and the samples of 23 memory sticks.

“Do they work?”, asks my husband
well of course not, they are just samples, but do you know what, he had to go and check in the computer!

“How much has this cost them to send?”, asks my mum
well thats back to what I said at the beginning, about how much a customer is worth to them.

Now was I impressed?, you bet I was
Am I more likely to buy from them now I can hold and feel the actual product?
of course I am

“I like this one with the torch on” said my 7 year old son
now the torch does actually work so I let him keep that one.

(He later went on the computer, and was designing his own logo, so he could get it printed on his own torch memory sticks…. ah bless!)

So finally after all the touchy feely and family discussions, I finally chose my top 3, expecting that the  3rd choice would be the only one in my budget

but do you know, I was wrong, so the prices are great too.

And as for the Fishart, ….

well my Facebook friend, Sarah Gibbs, at NIA dance (who was first to follow this blog,) has a brother who paints fish,

A nice thing happened on Sunday:

I was the 100th person to LIKE, his Facebook page and
and so I WON a print of my choice from his Fishart paintings.


Thank you so much to Sarah


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