Are you ready?

I suddenly realised this week that its the last week of November, and then the countdown to christmas will be starting.

My seven year old calls it the countdown, like its an officially recognised event, but I guess of course it is, but its more of an ADVENT rather than an EVENT.

And I was reminded about how close we are with four things that happened this weekend:

1. On Saturday there was the village Christmas fair, and my four year old visited Santas grotto.

2. Then we went to our local Messy church (in Fradley) on Sunday and were presented with the mini leaflet with all the list of lovely Christmas services for December, from the Christingle on the 8th.  . . . . . . .

( there may be a service near you on a different date –

 . . . . . To the carol service with mulled wine and mince pies on the 18th.

3. Then my sister ( Hello Marion), who lives in South Korea, emailed with questions and suggestions for the children’s presents – she always gets sorted early, to allow for posting times.

4. Then whilst at my same sons gym class last night  . . . .
(  – if you live near Tamworth, and your children  – preschool to teenage – want professional quality but fun relaxed gym classes then check this out )

 . . . . . . I was chatting to another mum, who was panicking because she had no idea when she would find the time to wrap all the presents she had bought, or start writing the christmas cards . . . . . .

I then I realised . . . .  I am not really ready – oops!

But in my defence – I have been busy creating some great new designs for my longest and best client Jacqui Davis ( )

If you live in Derbyshire, anywhere near Ripley, Matlock, Belper, and have pre-school children you should check out her fantastic music and movement classes. Lively, fun, loud , exciting, friendly, and now with cake and coffee too!

And also creating an exciting and colourful new chart to help that same 7 year old to learn to tell the time. (This chart will be available soon on my website).

To be fair I am not completely un-ready – I have made a start – back to the seven your old who has been telling me ( and showing me in Tesco) exactly which lego set he wants me to get, and which set he wants grandma and granddad to get and Aunty this and uncle that.

So I have actually bought some things.

Then there is my 4 year old – well he saw what he wanted and promptly told me everyday for a week that he wished it was christmas.

But now I have checked my calendar, and realised that Advent kicks off next Sunday – so I will need to send hubby into the loft for the wooden advent calendar, and buy some chocolate this week to fill it with . . . . . .

. . . . and then print off the annual Being good for Santa charts . . . .
( buy once and re-print out every year).

. . . . . .to focus and motivate the children’s attention on the right behaviour – because as they know Santa only comes to good boys and girls.

So – Are you ready? – FOR ADVENT


1. This is your last week to order one in time for the countdown – or get a FREE one when you buy any other of my motivational charts.

2. Then take a look at this fantastic site ( to get a free personalised video from Santa.

OK – 1. tick done . . 2. tick done.

So now, the children have:
their “I am being good for Santa” chart (
and their free PNP video. (

YOU HAVE a stress free month of perfect behaviour! ?
( at the very least a couple of excellent tools to motivate with).

Leaving you with one less headache to deal with, and allowing you to focus on . . . . .

the presents, the food, the wrapping, the who is coming, the how many chairs do we have, the is aunty Ethel sleeping over? did we fix the hole in the blow up bed?
the cards, the stamps, the long distance posting times to family in Australia – (did I leave anything out? probably).

OK, now you have all that sorted, as long as you keep up the momentum, then there is enough time to be ready for christmas too!

Happy shopping
Linda x


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