chewing like crazy

In a bid to be successful with my design business, I do need some help from those who have done it.
 Botty’s Rule Number 2 (Entrepreneur Circle – see previous blogs)- is “who you hang around with matters a lot” and so I always try to keep on learning from those who know.

I regularly read the Graphic design Blender blog – which is written by a successful Australian Graphic Designer, but it has loads of useful tips and morale boosting nuggets of helpful information.

This week I also went to an FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) event at Drayton Manor Park – Nice venue – lovely free food – no rollercoaster rides included (thankfully, I think).

AND IT IS really easy to find – as its a theme park with lots of brown signs!

The theme of the main speaker was sales and marketing. A lovely successful guy, who had a whole host of useful tips. (embarrassingly I did not catch his name, nor did I manage to speak to him afterwards as I was chatting with the 2 guys sitting either side of me.)

There are always so many interesting people to talk to and never enough time to speak to everyone.

Anyway, the one thing that struck me about his presentation was how similar in content it was to the things I had learned way back in May when I attended  Botty Towers (EC HQ) in Solihull for a new members marketing training day. (see blog 4 – A Grand Day Out).

The whole approach was different, but the feel and style a positivity was the same. Following up with existing customers and contacts, being friendly and sociable, networking and asking for referrals. Keeping in touch over the long term.

Realising that even the most successful people get a bit nervous about making that phone call, but making yourself do it, and just saying “Hello, Its me , we met last week, can I come and see you?”

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do  today –  It is all about self belief and confidence, and  never giving up.

A quote I heard from Cher, while watching the X Factor a few weeks ago, when Dermot  O’Leary asked her the secret of her long career her reply was something on the lines of ” Never accepting No as an answer”

It’s really cheesy actually when you think about it because all in these things you can find a cliche – so if we stop and think about it deep inside ourselves we know the answer, and when we want something bad enough, then we don’t give up, and we don’t need any one to tell us either.

My seven year old has finally got the message this morning, as I get so frustrated and cross with him when he tells me “But I can’t do it” and he actually said, ” believe that you can mummy and you will!”

It is great though, to have that occasional reminder,which is what makes the FSB membership so great – to have accessibility to  meet other business people in the same boat as yourself, and to bounce ideas.

That’s why I was keen to meet with another lady who I had originally heard as a speaker at
my first FSB event which was Networking Skills at The National Brewery Centre Burton- on -Trent.

Christine is  lovely, and a great mentor,we really seemed to hit it off as we enjoyed coffee and got to know each other  last Friday morning. The first of many meetings I hope – Thank you so much Christine.

I have had a busy week, with 3 meetings, and all when I have suddenly got quite a bit of design work come in too.

It’s ironic that when you have not got much work you start wondering where you will get the next job from, and then when you suddenly get some work – it all comes at once, and then you wonder how you will juggle it all.

But that usually ends up being the best way to drive us forward:
Botty’s Rule  5 “Deadlines get stuff done”

It can feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew.
However, after reading the latest Graphic design Blender tips – that is apparently the way to go:

(Like I said before these tips are not exclusive to designers – you can apply them to lots of situations – well worth a read – for the motivational benefits)

as habit no 7 states
7. Bite off more than you can chew and then chew like CRAZY!

So there you have it.
I have been learning from the initiated, hanging around with successful people, and (almost) biting off more than I can chew –  and I have a busy week ahead -doing my favourite thing – lots of lovely designs.

Let the good times Roll…………….



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