Five to nine

When you are self employed then the workloads fluctuate, and after almost a whole year of being busy with client work or plenty of internal updates and changes to my own website and marketing, I finally seemed to have caught up, and last Friday had a quiet day.

I spent some time working on my Mail chimp account, with the plan to produce a regular email newsletter, to showcase my latest work each month.

There are a few potential jobs in the pipeline, one job designed but waiting for the artwork information, and some quotes I am waiting back on, plus 2  free websites to finish, but am currently waiting on clients for feedback.

So, after a good steady flow and a peak of invoicing a couple of weeks ago I find myself in a bit of a trough.

That’s the nature of the beast, I know, I have read it enough times. And although from experience I know that next job is undoubtably just around the corner, you can’t buy carrots and bananas on just around the corner.

Well not if you want to get the best value for money. Just around the corner buying, means using that magic 20th Century plastic card, called credit. Which means that you have to go to the big supermarkets……..

You will all obviously be aware that the whole county is still in a financial trough at the moment too, and I for one have not seen too much evidence of us climbing out of it, despite what you hear on the news.

. . . .  so, here we all are, but still needing our carrots and bananas, so which way to turn. – Which indeed – Which best supermarket of the year 2 years running!

So I have finally jumped on the ALDI bandwagon, particularly after my sister-in-law, who often would mention the lovely treats she enjoyed from Waitrose, spoke to me of being an ADLI convert.

And the other thing that tipped the balance, was the appallingly ridiculous price of my favourite conference pears, in Tesco, which are two-fifths of the price in ALDI! – yes for the same thing!

So I am now on my third week of buying my essential 5 a day from Aldi, (but there is potential for more) before scooting across the car park  to Tesco for the rest.

And what is particularly nice, is the fact that I don’t need to be selective in my choice of vegetables, its not this OR that, now I can have my cake AND eat it. I can have this AND that, AND IT IS STILL CHEAPER!!!

And the bonus. . . .

Niggling previously at the back of my mind was always the fact that actually Five a day was not really the true amount of fruit and veg required to be properly healthy.

I read, on a few occasions, that it was indeed closer to Nine, but guess what, I can now have my nine, because an ALDI nine still costs less than a Tesco Five, and just as good quality as far as I can see too.

So there you have it, a bit of a work trough, but all is not lost, I am now on a healthier peak.

I was also particularly aware on Sunday morning that Aldi was extremely busy, and the car park noticeably fuller week on week. . . .

. . . . while Tesco was alarmingly quiet, while I did notice they had suddenly reduced the price of their milk to a “going down and staying down” price.

Too little too late may be the case for a lot of people I am afraid. . . .

Incidentally, as my workload is slower at the moment, then it’s a great time if you need something in a hurry. . .

AND being the unique and helpful person I am, I can offer you the option of paying just around the corner, with monthly interest free credit.

Can’t say fairer than that . . . .

Reminder – FREE website offer, for all design orders of £50.


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