Today is my birthday

Thank you for all the birthday greetings popping up in my inbox as I type this today . . .

Tuesday March 4th 2014 – today I am another year older – (40 something, but half the time I can’t remember the something), and this week a little wiser. . . .

I learned how to make animated Gifs in photoshop. – I have just never needed to do this before.

(Don’t mis-read this, I did mean gifs – as in ‘Graphic File Interchange’ format files – not Gifts as in lots of nice things you receive on your birthday – although I got a couple of those too.)

Which was extremely useful because. . . .

1. I had paid for an animated button advert, on the Derby county cricket club website (that gets 10,000 hits a month) and I needed artwork, and was reluctant, but initially resigned to, letting their art-worker animate my images.

2. It was a real boost to discover something new, I had never used, or needed to use in the past, was completely achievable within software I already owned.

3. Good old internet technology meant that with a 1 minute google search, and watching less than half of a 6 minute you tube video I was on my way.

The down side, for me however is that being such an absolute perfectionist means that I spent the next 4-5 hours experimenting and tweaking options and timings until I was completely 110% happy with the finished result.

The good thing for my clients is that I enjoy designing so much, and am so dedicated to getting the best result achievable, it can be hard to stop. (even within the limitations of their budgets).

I love designing, it is a part of me, in my blood, and I do not like to submit sub standard work, because I am not a sub standard person. I like perfection in everything.

Which means that because I apply the same kind of dedication to all my design work, my clients pretty much always get more than they pay for.

So it is always nice to get something for Free every once in a while.

My client base is building, and the wild ideas schedule is continuing well, so I always have something to be getting on with.

The on-going offer with DBN web design is bringing in work
Reminder – FREE website offer, for all design orders of £50.
But the one thing that I would like, and works well for all of us for everything is word of mouth recommendations.

I always ask my clients if they wouldn’t mind giving me a testimonial, if they have been happy with the service I have given them.

And the easiest way for them to do this, as well as giving themselves some free advertising is to add a review to my free index page which you can do here.

Free index allows any business to create an advertising listing – but as the name suggests it is completely free, and you also get a widget to add on your own website, that displays your reviews.

I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone starting a business, it is easy to register, by just clicking the Advertise free button, top left.

By adding details and images and information about your business you build up a profile, much like other websites, but I do particularly like this one.

You can register search terms too, and get notifications when potential clients have searched for services / products you offer, and then get the opportunity to contact these people.

I have done some work this way.

They have in the past been pretty high in the google rankings too, although searching today they are not doing so well. – There is a lot of competition out there, so maybe it is just a dip.

But if you are interested in looking at my gif, here it is . . . . .

Do you want more business for your business?
Do you want more business for your business?

You know where I am if you want something creating for your own marketing, or website!

And if you want more business for your business then make sure you really push those word of mouth testimonials and ask happy clients to put their mouse where their mouth is, and type you a proper free-index review.

Or even just email you something that we can add to your new free website.


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