The measure of success

We are halfway through the Easter holidays already, and the boys are fed up, and I feel like a bad mother.

To be fair we have not been out much – but for good reason, and they were forewarned, but I don’t think at 8 and 4 they can really do forearmed – do you?
Anyway, although my sons are hot happy, and my husband is shattered, and I am a bit down, overall so far it has been a successful week, especially if you factor in the fact that we started off the holidays with all of us having a sickness bug, in succession.

Rewind a couple of weeks and I was fairly quiet work wise, I was waiting on signatures on a couple of quotes from new clients, and generally I do not commence work without a signature. (with the exception of some returning, regular clients, who I now have good relationships with).

So boys at school and me at home, waiting to be able to get on with some design work, not particularly successful time achievement. . . no tick here!

Then, to the Easter holidays, and the plan was to swap son number 2 from his small sunny bedroom at the front of the house, into the larger, bedroom (my office) art the back of the house . . .  paint my new sunny office, and move me in . . .

.  .  . then to his room . . paint and wallpaper . . . carpet underlay and tiles. . . add additional electric sockets . . .build up the new flatpack bed . . with desk and wardrobe etc. . . . and also wallpaper a feature wall in son number 1’s room.

You know when you say it fast like this, it makes it sound like a really easy job, but we are thorough, and precise, and I can assure you it has taken some time.

So, the fore-armed: they had been told, Lucas is getting a new bedroom so we won’t be able to go out much, as we are decorating, and you will both have to sleep in big brothers room for a week or so while it gets done.

And it IS done . . . . and it looks great, and he absolutely loves it, with the exception of purchasing a football ceiling shade – which is proving extremely elusive from any walk in-store, and stupidly expensive online!

So boys at home and me at home, and Dad with a couple of days booked off, and a long holiday weekend able to get on with something, a very successful time achievement . . . big tick.

( poor husband / dad though, after months and months of no overtime at work, books 2 days off to do a job at home and some family easter time, gets rewarded with a sickness bug on his first day, and a phone call from work on his second day – begging him to do some overtime on Easter Monday, as they are so busy!)

How successful is that – well the job at home is done – tick. The extra money always useful – tick. But the sacrifice of a family time day is really not so good, and the boys are fed up. . . is 2 out of 3 successful?

And me, well, I was OK because I did not have any work at the moment – no not until I didn’t need it I didn’t.

I had a quote approved, a client meeting, an email about a web design job, a phone call from a new client, another quote to type, and a call from a regular client, who is in a mega rush for his job. . . .

well that’s brilliant, . . lots of work and a big tick then, a real measure of some success.

But I ended up working on Easter Monday too – and the boys are really bored, and fed up – there is only so much TV that it is healthy to watch . . . . and one of my goals was to maintain family time, so not very successful on that score .

Causing me to have been struck down by another debilitating sickness . . . . . bad mother syndrome has kicked in big time.

I need to do some serious time management juggling for the rest of the week to keep the design work on track but make sure the boys – (heck and me as well) enjoy the rest of the holidays . . .

Lewis has a diary to write for school, as his teacher is sure that “you will be doing lots of exciting things over the holidays,  so write it all down what you see and do.”

thanks for reading

I just glanced over blog 6 from last year, where I measured my success, as a bit of a chaotic mess sometimes. – Well that seems appropriate.


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