The winning formula is . . .

As a graphic designer, my designs have to sell and market peoples businesses, and websites, but first I have to be introspective and sell my own.

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The Magic Words, Secrets Revealed.

First thing that comes to mind with a title like this is most likely going to be Abracadabra – or something of that ilk. Maybe Open Sesame – a bit of Ali baba, or another children’s fairy story.

Well as ever, I write the blog on real experiences and things that have happened over the last week, and this week the story is about writing a good story, with some magic words.
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People for Sale

The blog is early this week, as I have been invited to be a speaker at Lichfield Library tomorrow(Tuesday) morning, to a group of potential business start-ups, who are part of Lichfield business enterprise support scheme.

I have been reflecting on my own business experiences with how I first got set up, in order to best present in a positive and optimistic way to the group.

The point is to help advise and inspire, to present the benefits of having a good graphic design contact / input in any business marketing plan . . . . . without purely being a stand up advertisement for Wild Ideas.
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Is this a 2 way street?

Tonight I am attending an FSB event at 6pm in Newcastle -under-lyme, and my business partner Dennis at DBN is going too!

OK no big deal, I hear you say, but those of you who know the trouble I had, getting lost on my way to Edgbaston in Birmingham may well smile to yourself . . .

. . . “how is she going to manage that without a Sat Nav?” Continue reading