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I am now just returning back to normality from a busy half term week –  the design work did not stop though.

Three weeks ago I did a presentation at Lichfield Library, to a group of business start-ups, who are part of Lichfield business enterprise support.

A few of the group left me their email addresses, and one gentleman (who I shall call Mr V) got in touch, as he needed a business card in a hurry.

He has completed his course and is just ready to get his business started, and I promised him I could do the design within the week . . .

. . . and the week in question being last weeks school half term, so that’s probably partly why I am a bit more tired, as when the boys are not at school, I lose my dedicated design time.

What is nice, is being able to work from home though, even if things take twice as long, (or more) with all the interruptions.

I make use of my eight year old being around though – he is great for bouncing ideas off. As design is often perceptive, and obviously very visual, then he is very helpful at telling me what he thinks looks good and works or doesn’t work.

(I only show the client the stuff that works – there is a lot more work involved before getting to that point.)

He liked Mr V’s business card.

Rewind back to the week before and circumstances meant Mr V was unable to make our initial arranged meeting, but a few days later he got in touch, and has been a real pleasure to work with.

We had a great FREE, no obligation briefing meeting, where we got to know each other a little . .

(This is the bit where I do a crash course in understanding your business, in about 20 minutes.)  . . .

You talk about your business, and I make lots of notes and ask some questions prompting you to dig to the deepest depths of yourself to inspire me with what makes you tick . .

We looked through the loads of business cards I have, some designed by me, most of them just collected from various acquaintances.

Often when you sometimes think that you don’t have much to offer, regarding colour, fonts etc, it can be surprising what we come up with during our conversation. (*and . . )

So sorted with how he wanted his design to go, he left me and I typed it all up into an accurate quotation, for him to sign, and email me back.

All us business people are really busy, and tend to be only fully in the zone of what we need to do when we are doing it, so like most of my clients . . .

. . It did take a reminder from me a couple of days later to get my quotation returned.

He told me he had a deadline, with people asking for business cards, and wanted to get cracking with his business, so I did not want to delay, and felt a little reminder may be appreciated.

Since then he has been the perfect client, communicating extremely quickly every time I submitted something to him.

(. . . *) Once he got thinking after our briefing then he also came up with a few more ideas, and the design plan was amended before we got started, but that was good.

He had focussed on the job in hand, done some research and made some decisive choices on what kind of things he liked.

I also suggested a few ideas for a business name after he was unsure about his original choice.

He chose one of my (wild) ideas, which was still available as a domain name, for his FREE website, and I got my colleague at DBN to register it straight away.

Mr V, then (replied within hours) to every single email I sent him, with either a question a comment or a set of proofs for him to make a selection.

Consequently I was able to focus too and get his job completed, and his business card is now at the printer.

Standard printing time is 6-8 days, but dependent on how much extra you pay a much quicker turnaround can be achieved.

Mr V may wonder if I actually have any other clients, as I have been able to be so attentive and turn his design around in a week . . . .

. . . . the truth is I have some clients who go completely off my radar, and even after emailing them, I don’t always get a reply.  So their jobs are still part way through . . .

It all depends on your timescales, deadlines, other workload and personality.  Fortunately for you, I am a “lets get on with it ” kind of person.

Anyway, Mr V has been the perfect client, because he has been as focussed and attentive to his project as I have . . .

. . . . . which means, when his business cards come back from the printer on Friday, and his FREE website goes live . . .

. . . the whole thing from client briefing to completed live project will only have taken 10 working days!

Lets see if we can beat that with your new business –
there’s no time like the present.

Thanks for reading


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