This is not my area of expertise

Can you remember as a child getting all excited by new technology, and being better at setting the video recorder than your parents and then wondering why they just did not seem that interested?

Well I think I have come full circle now, because I have embraced a lot of technology as I have grown up, and got to a point where my brain is just not that interested in it anymore.

Its hard work learning new stuff, and much as I should get excited at the prospect of a new gadget, or mobile phone . . .

. . . rather more my heart sinks at the thought of trying to understand how to operate it.

My eight year old son tells me that “all his friends’ have X boxes and can he have one for christmas?

Well after a visit to dad’s work and playing with the one in the works canteen, then I said maybe, but that would be the present – nothing else!

And then a few months on and he is telling me that “all his friends” have tablets and can he have one of those?

Well I said, its X box or tablet! not both . . . and he went away to consider the benefits of each.

The x box is just for playing games – But is a tablet like a mini computer – can it do much more than just browse the net?

This is not my area of expertise.

After all an eight year old is not going to be using social media – but can he type his homework on a tablet – and then print it out?

I have no interest in a tablet personally, if I want the internet then I use the big screen, and when I am away from home, I do not need the internet. . . do I?

What you’ve never had you don’t miss do you.

I adore doing my design work, and have some great clients, and have produced some work that I am very proud of, but I do spend a lot of time in front of my screen in order to achieve that.

And when I learn something new that helps with my design work then I get excited by that . . .

. . . But for someone who spends far too much time at the computer anyway, when I leave the house it is a great opportunity to get away from a screen and enjoy some real life. . . .

. . . hey back in 1985 you did not need a screen when you were away from home, and the only one you got when you were at home was the TV!

but  I don’t want my children to miss out – so if a tablet will be beneficial to my son then OK.

It does seem that they are becoming an educational tool, as I discovered recently when I took advantage of a rare opportunity to visit the newly re-opened  Whittington Defence Medical services (DMS).

This area of land has been used by the military for almost 150 years. Whittington Heath being used for training and manoeuveres prior to the land being purchased in 1875 to construct the original barracks.

The tour was arranged through the FSB – (Federation of small businesses), and was an exceptional evening.

Commander Simon Brown showed us around part of the brand new buildings, which were very impressive.

And the sun was shining on a glorious evening as we all parked and met and chatted on the parade ground in the centre of the campus.

So – as ever – an opportunity to network with a few new faces, and some familiar FSB faces.

The new buildings are a major DMS base for some very senior officers, as well as a campus for military personnel who having completed their initial basic training  are now studying Military Medicine for their specialist training.

Simon was excited by the opportunity they offered local businesses . . . . . . .

All these students in the local area keen to spend their money in their free time, providing local businesses with revenue –

unfortunately for me I don’t think they will be needing a graphic designer!

So back to the tour, and Commander Brown was showing us all the latest technology being used for the students, which included them all being supplied with their own tablet. . .

This line particularly resonated with me . . .  and 8 year old son has now decided that in the battle of X box versus tablet, the tablet would win.

So here I am, now puzzling over which tablet to go for, (So far this week I have had strepsils and paracetamol, due to coming down with some kind of sore throat and flu like fever – but I don’t feel too bad today).

I am open to suggestions so please do offer me any advice on the subject. Of course he is hankering for an ipad – but do I need to go that far?

I have no clue which is the good the bad and the hudl at the moment, so if you can help me out I would appreciate it.

Coz its not my area of expertise.

Thanks for helping


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