8 Reasons why you’ll want to read this

I am always trying to learn new things, and in the same way that those of you who enjoy rendering this, I too have a couple of blogs that I like to follow and learn from.

One of my favourites, and the one I find greatly valuable is a guy called Peep Laja, and it is to him I must credit this weeks learning.

Reason number 1: You can’t afford not to

Because its got a hidden message in the headline, that will be valuable to improving your business marketing and if you don’t read it you will never know what that is, which may put you at a disadvantage with your competitors! Continue reading

Back to basics

When people ask me what I do, the level of reaction varies from the acknowledgement of understanding right down to questioning blank bewilderment, so this is where I am going to start.

I am getting right back to basics to explain . . . .
What is graphic design?

The Cambridge online dictionary gave this simple basic definition:
“the art of designing pictures and text for books, magazines, advertising, etc.”

But graphic design is in fact so much more than that . . . . it is all around you throughout your life.
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