The importance of being earnest

This week I have been catching up on paperwork , as most of my clients seem to be tied up away on holiday or entertaining the children while they are off school.

It has come to my attention that although clients, with all good intentions have agreed to write earnest testimonials for me, these have not quite materialised for all manner of reasons I imagine.

Oscar Wilde has been telling people how important it is to be serious and sincere (earnest) for just 6 months shy of 120 years. We should take a leaf out of his book.
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Back to Basics, part 3 : who?

So in part 2, I helped you get to grips with why you will benefit from proper and professional graphic design, so if you have really understood that then you will be ready to embrace things whole heartedly and get stuck in. But how do you establish a relationship with the right designer. . .

Now you understand what graphic design is all about, and you have accepted the need, you are ready to embrace the service, but you want to build some trust with the right designer.
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5 Ways to grab yourself a kit kat

Did anyone notice that there was no blog for the last 2 Tuesdays?
Maybe not, but I’d like to think that someone did.

I was in Sunny cornwall grabbing my annual kit kat / taking a break / on holiday / call it what you will, a well earned and needed / deserved rest.

And if you remember from last year – with no internet either. Originally because I just don’t own a smart phone, and then actually by choice when I decided that I did not want to own a smart phone. Continue reading