The Cause for the Clause

I sold a premium behave chart this week, (from my toddler ideas range – for big kids too)  and as usual, as well as the chart you order you get a freebie.

During most of the year the freebie is for a learning to tell the time chart, my latest creation done for my eldest son, but coming up to christmas, I tend to change it for a Free being good for Santa (advent) chart. Continue reading

Suntime Management

The point of working from home is to free up your time, to make the best use, but I am such a glutton for my design work that it has taken over my life somewhat to the detriment of sensible meal times and quality family time.

So I have ended up needing to re-visit my time management strategy, with the added allowance for Suntime.
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I can and I will . . . can you?


I have been blogging weekly for 66 weeks now, and I try to write real and accurate accounts of things that have happened in my life that have a bearing on business.

I have committed . . . to my clients, to graphic design , to this blog . . .

. . . . . in order to keep my clients and potential clients informed with current projects to enable them to gain trust in my business and abilities as a designer and service provider.

While whole projects cannot be completed on a weekly basis, making it impossible to tell you a new design story every week, each design – in truth really does not take that much time.

In fact even that elusive whole project (from quotation to delivery of print) could happen a whole lot quicker if these 3 little things were better . . . . .
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Are you doing enough?

So last week I talked about the importance of testimonials.
Good honest and sincere (earnest) feedback for your products and service . . . .

. . . .  which in turn encourages new customers to buy from you. A testimonial is your word of mouth – in a written format.

But I in the course of my online shopping this week, I have also read some “not so good ” testimonials.

and in the course of my life this week, I have encountered some “not so good” service, that has had a detrimental effect on the businesses concerned.

Food for thought when providing your own customer service  . . . . . .
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