Service where it matters

This week I had a delivery from my favourite online printer who I use for 90% of my work.
Normally their print quality is exceptional.

Particularly when you factor the price in, and that although they have offices in the UK, the main printing plant is in Germany, and the print prices they charge, include delivery to the UK . . .

. . . . and even allowing for a markup on their prices to cover my artwork and arrangement fee, they still are cheaper (on most print runs) than printers local to me. Continue reading

Jumpstarting the Spaces in Time

It’s nice to be able to say, that since moving to Fradley, a little over two years ago, and doing some serious business focussing, that my work and clients have steadily increased.

I have met some new people locally, and via referrals, and from my website, and from some publicity flyers promoting the FREE website Offer, as well as some contacts from the FSB.

Its always nice when you get the next random enquiry, telephone call or email, with a new and exciting project to embark on. Continue reading

To coin a phrase . . . what time do you make it?

Well currently as I type it is 15.04 on Monday afternoon (and I have 10 minutes before I need to get the boys from school). . .

. . A bit early to start a Tuesday morning blog, but times are a changing, as I will explain.

I talked about time management a couple of weeks ago – and that particular subject is going really well. My office is at the south facing front of the house and therefore easy to spot the sun when it makes an appearance.
Continue reading