Jumpstarting the Spaces in Time

It’s nice to be able to say, that since moving to Fradley, a little over two years ago, and doing some serious business focussing, that my work and clients have steadily increased.

I have met some new people locally, and via referrals, and from my website, and from some publicity flyers promoting the FREE website Offer, as well as some contacts from the FSB.

Its always nice when you get the next random enquiry, telephone call or email, with a new and exciting project to embark on.

As ever, though, I could do with a bit more, to fill in the spaces in time.

I have said before, design clients sometimes do take rather a long time with their feedback – so I need to have plenty of projects on the go to dip in and out of, and fill these spaces in time.

Taking time with feedback though is absolutely the right thing to do.

I always tell clients to ask their friends and family, colleagues and anyone else who is willing to advise them, what they think.

This is your logo, your brand, your website, your flyer, your business card, your banner, your letterhead . . . . .

– it has to stay with you for a long time, so it is important to be totally happy with it before you tell your designer you are good to go.

Indeed, I often order print within an hour of receiving an email approval – so it could be too late if you change your mind.

The spaces in time can be good too, as it generally means that I can often make myself available at pretty short notice to meet with a new client . . . .

. . . . . or even do a mega quick turnaround on that annual repeat flyer design and print job . . . .

Mr K. Evans,  Lichfield Butcher, has returned for the third time now, with a gradual upgrade on his flyer content every year.

Purveyor of fine quality meat, in Bore Street Lichfield, Mr Evans is thinking about his christmas sales, and getting his message out to the people of Lichfield with a Christmas flyer . . .

. . . . to remind them of the variety of meats available to order, and this year has made that even easier by including an order form as part of the flyer.

A lovely friendly man, with a sense of humour, and two great colleagues in the shop on Bore street, he is real old school and (his words) “does not do email”. . . .

. . . I usually call into the shop during September / October to say hello and check whether he needs more flyers printing.

“Hang the expense” was the comical reply – He only had 100 or so left from the 2500 printed last year, and the flyers certainly seemed to have brought in the customers.

With just a bit of a brief to expand on the existing design, I jot down Mr Evans requirements, “Whatever you do will be fine” he adds – acknowledging my creative ability and giving me his total trust.

What does a butcher know about graphic design? – probably the same amount that a graphic designer knows about cuts of meat – and in the case of this graphic designer – zilch!

Mr E does manage enough email to look at the proof files I send over and request his amends and confirm his approval, although he does sometimes telephone me too. . . .

. . . . I am always happy to speak to my customers – it can get a bit lonely just me and Mac during the day. (that ‘s Apple Mac, if you were wondering).

So christmas flyer edition 3 is done and print ordered, should be here by the end of the week (maybe Monday).

And to kickstart some work to fill those spaces in time I have enrolled the marketing assistance of the secret marketing coach and their marketing jumpleads course. . .

. . . ex EC (entrepreneurs circle) Julia and Paul have loads of expertise, to pass on, one step at a time, to help get me and my perfect clients to find each other.

If you are reading this, then you already appreciate what I do, (I hope) so please pass on my name and contact info if you hear of anyone looking for some design work.

Ask them to quote your name, together with (blog71) and you will get 20% off your next design job .

Thanks for reading


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