To coin a phrase . . . what time do you make it?

Well currently as I type it is 15.04 on Monday afternoon (and I have 10 minutes before I need to get the boys from school). . .

. . A bit early to start a Tuesday morning blog, but times are a changing, as I will explain.

I talked about time management a couple of weeks ago – and that particular subject is going really well. My office is at the south facing front of the house and therefore easy to spot the sun when it makes an appearance.

So as soon as I get a burst of brightness, I can stop what I am doing and switch on the readily prepared dishwasher / washing maching / tumble dryer / oven / kettle and bag myself a freebie.

Of course with the onset of Autumn then the bursts are already slowing down,
with unfortunately no let up in dirty pots or clothes
– but hey you make the best of it, and pay Mr electricity supplier the rest of the time.

So – the Tuesday blog . . .

. . . . well last week I had to make some time on Monday to do my blog as I had an appointment on Tuesday morning and so would not get the blog completed if I left it. . . .

. . . and then so as I did not forget (which I sometimes do) I posted it onto Facebook etc, straight away on Monday evening.

and a really surprising thing happened.

According to Facebook stats, it reached ten times the amount of people it had done previously, when posted on Tuesday lunchtime.

So is that is due to the social media restrictions on daytime company internet access for employees?

Or are you all online much more in an evening, catching up with your social media accounts?

Whatever the case – the time to make it is early evening time – and post your important stuff, to hit the newsfeeds in prime log on time.

I kept the email notification for Tuesday though, and there is a reason for this too.

Monday morning first day back to work after the weekend, loads of stuff to get sorted, catch up etc, so not the best time to chill out and read a blog – too much more important stuff to do.

And any non crucial emails will get swallowed up in a list of weekend junk and spam that gets mass dumped into the bin.

I read once that Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and mid to late morning are the best days and time for busy working people to read a blog.

Monday rush is out the way, urgent emails are sorted and the week schedule is planned out.

Late morning, time for a tea break, almost lunchtime, good time for a relaxing read of the Wild Ideas weekly blog, and as if by magic in it pops to your in box.

So unless you are the (previously referred to) employee with restricted internet access, then its a good prompt, but maybe you can read it on your smart phone anyway.

Let me know if I am wrong – what time do you read this blog? what time do you make it?

What time can you make for coining a phrase?
or possibly designing a coin?

You may or may not know that due to the indescribable amount of fraudulent £1 coins in circulation, the Royal mint is bringing out a new 12 sided dual coloured £1 coin for 2017,

and the great british public have been invited to design the reverse.

Something that is readily understood to represent Britain . . . .one lucky winner will receive £10,000 – not bad eh?

worth a punt – someone has to win.

Have a read all about it on the royal mint website and then download your entry form and get your thinking heads on.

You have until Thursday 30th October 2014 – and there are lots of hints on the website to give you some ideas.

Spend a decent amount of time though, (£10,000 worth) do lots of research – its the idea that is important, not the actual execution of it . . . you will not necessarily need to be a designer to win this.

My personal professional opinion would be that, as long as the judges can interpret your fantastic original idea, that they feel captures the essence of Britain, then if they like it enough, it will have to be drawn up by a royal mint designer.

Go with your gut, often your first idea is the strongest, but not always, so play around, but don’t copy other peoples designs – keep away from google images and clip art!

I would recommend using real photographs – (your own if you can) for inspiration and then do your own drawings from these.

And to finish –
a bit of trivia (that I learned during my research for my design).
Britain, Great Britain or United Kingdom . . . did you know the difference?

Here goes: Britain, is England and Wales. Great Britain, is England, Wales and Scotland. And United Kingdom, is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

and the time I make it now is 17.36
Thanks for reading


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