7 little give aways

Signs that its beginning to feel a bit like Christmas . . . .

The boys are starting to talk and ask, and get upset about how long they have to wait.

We were lying in bed on Sunday morning and youngest son came in and asked how long till Christmas?
Dad “about 6 weeks”
me, ” I would say longer than that surely”

Well on checking the calendar, it turns out its actually 5 weeks and 2 days! Continue reading

Stress, stretch and sweep!

OMG – I am so busy, I think I might have overstretched myself. . . .

so little time so much to do – personal stuff, its my wedding anniversary so having a day out with hubby – but that means less time to work!

Couple of trade shows booked  to attend. . . . so hopefully make some new contacts, but that means less time to work!

Saying yes, when asked to be on committees, and getting involved with my village, so that takes up time which guess what – means less time to work!
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