Smashing Baubles!

Well the presents are purchased, the tree is up, the decorations done and the cards posted, and all day Sunday was spent melting chocolate bars to create our own mix-up versions for teacher!

So I think apart from a few last minute odds and ends, then Christmas is sorted.

Last week before the school hols, so a bit of child-free work time to finish some design jobs before the big wind down.

So all that is really left to do this week is wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a great New Year.

I am going to b-log off for a couple of weeks now, and resume again in 2015.

But in the meantime . . . .  Grab a coffee, and take up my christmas challenge,
never mind candy crush get some festive fun smashing baubles. . . . . .

Thanks for reading.

7 steps for a great advent…ure

So December is upon us. . . and while 8 year old son has now shut up hassling me about opening his lego advent calendar . . . .

. . . . . 5 year old son is still trying to get a grasp of time, and relentlessly asking if Christmas is tomorrow.

Hopefully once we get into the swing of the advent chocolates, (and I spend 10 minutes explaining it to him) he will get the idea.

His counting is excellent, so should be fairly easy for him to “get it”, and since he is now at school and learning to read, then I am bombarded with information about which words start with which letter, and frequent games of I spy.

He already visited Santa, at our Fradley Village christmas fayre last Saturday, (and told him what he would like) so fingers crossed ebay can come up with the goods, or I will be having a repeat of last years christmas morning.

(You may remember the complaints I had before the day had barely started, from last years blog).

But there are 24 days to go and plenty of things to do, and who knows how the time will unfold and what excitement there is in store before then.
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