7 steps for a great advent…ure

So December is upon us. . . and while 8 year old son has now shut up hassling me about opening his lego advent calendar . . . .

. . . . . 5 year old son is still trying to get a grasp of time, and relentlessly asking if Christmas is tomorrow.

Hopefully once we get into the swing of the advent chocolates, (and I spend 10 minutes explaining it to him) he will get the idea.

His counting is excellent, so should be fairly easy for him to “get it”, and since he is now at school and learning to read, then I am bombarded with information about which words start with which letter, and frequent games of I spy.

He already visited Santa, at our Fradley Village christmas fayre last Saturday, (and told him what he would like) so fingers crossed ebay can come up with the goods, or I will be having a repeat of last years christmas morning.

(You may remember the complaints I had before the day had barely started, from last years blog).

But there are 24 days to go and plenty of things to do, and who knows how the time will unfold and what excitement there is in store before then.

I recently joined “Marketing Jumpleads” to assist me with promoting my business, and in fact, also to assist me in promoting your business . . .

. . . As a graphic designer, then all the work I produce creating business branding, logos, flyers, business cards, letterheads and websites (to name the main ones but not all) . . .

. . . is all about you presenting your brand to the world to get more business for your business which all tied up in a fancy word is “Marketing”.

So in order to assist you successfully, then I have to get a grip of the techniques, and stay ahead of the game.

Thus my subscription to Marketing Jumpleads kills two birds with one stone, helping me which then helps you too.

Last Friday, I had a 1-2-1 session with one of the owners Julia Roberts, and you can imagine my surprise when George Clooney and Matt Damon joined us over lunch in the Bellagio . . . . .

. . . . oops, think I had a bit too much imagining there with an Oceans 11 fantasy moment, its not actually THAT Julia Roberts.

But the 1-2-1, over lunch in The Barns hotel Cannock, had star quality and felt like the start of my own personal advent . . .ure.

If you are like me self employed, and often working alone, then it can be easy to lose confidence in your own ability, and have days when you question yourself. . .

. . . especially when you have encountered “the wrong” client . . .

. . . who questions your price, (because they can’t really afford it, and is pushing for a freebie). . .

. . and questions your product, (because they are extremely finicky, and question everyone elses product too) . . .

. . and questions your service, (because they are selfish and inconsiderate, telephoning you at 10pm on a Saturday evening) . . .

But however much you know these are the exceptions to the rule, it is really helpful to have the support and advice of a mentor, or a marketing assistant, or just another business owner who you can relate to.

As ever, I will be passing on what I learn in the forthcoming weeks of this blog,

but the following 7 points are in part the basis of what Julia has helped me with, and what is just the start of a new advent . .ure

1. Confidence boosting – sometimes you just need someone to remind you how good you are.

2. Value in your own ability – then look at your past work and remind yourself that you are not worthless.

3. Charge what you are worth – and don’t be afraid to increase your prices at appropriate intervals.

4. Identify who your target market is – really think of who you want to be working with / selling to.

5. Identify where your target market is – work out where these people live / work / relax so you can find them.

6. Let them know you are here – write a great piece of sales copy / promotional flyer / enticing offer, and post / email / social media it to them.

7. Ask your favourite graphic designer to help if you are struggling with the finer details.

I recommend every business owner to get themselves a mentor, or some support from membership in a business club / networking.

Google “free business mentoring” and do some research.
Good Luck.

Thanks for reading


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