Merry Christmas from B4

If you are anything like most people this time of year
then you will have enough to do without reading this . . .

but I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas old school style.

Last night we happened upon some retro episodes of children’s TV from the BBC . . .  on BBC Four.
And it was really interesting . . .

My son was fascinated and enjoyed watching some of the 70’s shows that me and my husband had seen in our childhood.
It was a real trip down memory lane.

It reminded me that Christmas really is for Children.

And it reminded me of a poem I had written as a child . . . that was stashed away in a drawer.

So from a childhood me here’s wishing you all a great Christmas . . . .

Look in your stocking
Wow what a way to start Christmas Day

There are presents galore, who could ask for more
what a way to start Christmas Day

There’s a turkey for dinner, Christmas Pudding and Cake
Outside in the Snow there are snowmen to make

If we take out the sledge we can race down the hills
And pile up the snow on the Windowsills

Wow what a way to spend Christmas Day

And if the ice on the pond is thick and strong
We’ll skate back and forth the afternoon long

And when the moon shines, and everywhere’s dark
We’ll go singing Carols and walk in the park

Hip Hip Hooray for Christmas Day

Thanks for reading,
and I’ll see you all in 2016

ooh . . .13 Reasons for a happy breath!

Today’s blog is a bit late. . . . although I imagine you never really noticed. . . . I seem to have a few things that have had to be prioritised . . .

Just for a change, even though it did all get a bit stressful for a while. . . things are coming together nicely . . .

I can now relax and look forward to Christmas.

1. (. . . . ooh keep calm and take a happy breath!)

design your own keep calm poster
design your own keep calm poster

(design your own keep calm poster here.)

It’s that time of year when you have to try and fit Christmas into your normal schedule. . . and I have had so many things to do of late.

Last Friday, I had to forego the Lichfield Rugby Club breakfast meeting  . . . . . .
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Picture your image – 2 top tips

I love all the technology around us today – how easy it is to google anything without lifting any more than your arm to reach your phone. . . .

. . . my only frustration is how much time we spend without realising.
I finally got a smart phone last month – decided it was time to bring myself into the 21st Century . . .

(great phone incidentally – bought outright on SIM Free – Huawei Ascend G7 )

. . .the thing that nailed it was when I was at a business event, and the speaker said . . . “everyone get your phones out and tweet this” . . . .

. . . . and I felt like the only person in the room who couldn’t!

I also thought “this will help me to save time on my business social media” . . . .

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Pocket Money – The 4 step guide

As a parent, the responsibility of making that judgement call when deciding what is “right” for your kids is huge.

I can still look back and remember as a child asking my own parents . . . “can I have? . . . . . can I go? . . . . . Can I do? . . . .

The answer is not always obvious . . . .

Do you remember that yearning for a time when you can make all the decisions yourself, without having to ask someone else if its OK . . .

And once that time comes, you realise that you still kind of like to ask someone else if they think its OK . . . as the truth is you are not always all that sure . . .

. . . there is not always a magic answer. The only thing that is certain . . . there are lots of opinions . . . and many different ways to approach things.

This week I read a Facebook post from a fiend of mine broaching the subject of pocket money for your kids . . .

1. To do or not to do? . . .
2. How much? . . .
3. What for? . . .
4. How do you keep track?  . . .

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A Brilliant Presentation

I will start with an apology . . . for those of you who are sticklers for routines (namely me) I am sorry that this weeks blog is a day late.

But I had the most amazing learning experience yesterday, with the wonderful Lorna Sheldon, (see her in action), and as promised I am going to tell you more about it.

If you remember my blog from 28th October, where I talked about the 6 ways to make it good to talk, I mentioned that I had booked on Lorna’s course, in order to improve my presention skills.

Well, who knew how many intricacies there were to public speaking. . . Continue reading

Your Business Growth Journey starts here

It is always great to be able to help new businesses get their feet off the ground with fantastic branding that gives them credibility and a professional look right from the start.

And today I am able to tell you about one of those businesses. . . and include lots of helpful tips along the way.

Cost of course is always an issue . . . even if funds are available, making the right call on how to allocate them has to be done right.

That is why Wild Ideas (that’s me) and my associates at DBN web design decided to put together some business branding packages at discounted bundled prices

. . . as well as Wild Ideas interest free payment terms. . . you have no excuse for getting fabulous branding at exceptional prices.

Q. . Are you a new business who wants start your business growth journey looking great?
Q. . Have you done the DIY branding just to get you going and realise the next step on your business growth journey is a professional revamp? . . . .

A. . business growth means . . . working with a competent and capable designer to create cohesive branding that works across the whole spectrum of your marketing.
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6 ways to make it good to talk

Talk, you can all do that can’t you . . . .

my family will all say I talk too much . . . I am old and wise enough now to agree with them . . .

. . . and I get tired of it sometimes. . . especially when I have to repeat myself when my kids are not listening.

And talking in front of everyone at a business networking – that is not always  so good – so I will come back to this later . . .

But sometimes it’s good to talk . . . Continue reading

Would you go back to the future?

What is tomorrow? . . . Wednesday? . . . yes . . .  October 21st. . . yes . . . 2015. . . .

Oh but its so much more than that. . . because exactly 30 years ago tomorrow a young man called Marty McFly travelled 30 years in order to sort out the terrible mess his kids were making with their lives.

Tomorrow is “Back to the future day” . . . I pricked my ears up when I first heard that because the back to he future series are my favourite films of all time. . .

. . . and in my opinion. . . The back to the future series are still one of the best series of films ever! – even my husband likes watching them and he’s not really a sci-fi fan. . . . and my boys enjoy them too.

Seems plenty of people agree with me too . . as this text from wikepedia proves:
June 2008 the American Film Institute’s special AFI’s 10 Top 10 designated the film as the 10th-best film in the science fiction genre. Continue reading