Featuring George Clooney. (your #1 marketing mistake)

In continuation from last weeks theme of looking good, face to face, and maintaining that look on your business card.

I am now coming onto the rest of your marketing, flyers and website, invitations, banners and promotions . . .

But less on the actual items themselves, and more on the content and ingredients of your branding for these items.

SO go with me on this for a bit . . . . . does George Clooney look good to you?

If he was featuring in the new movie at your local Odeon, would you go?

Would your husband / wife go too? your friends?

does he have mass appeal to the ladies because he is nice to look at, and the men because he is a great actor, and the masses because we all know who he is and have complete trust in the quality of any film that he is in.

Hell yes (probably).

So in a marketing flyer / poster / TV ad / website for a his new film, it may be wise that the main ingredient placed quite prominently at the top would be . . . .

Featuring George Clooney . .

That would catch any film fans attention, and make them stop! look! and listen!,  and ask what?when? how?

(and most of us who are not film fans will know who George Clooney is).

So customer attention grabbed, off we go with the details of the publicity / marketing piece / flyer / invitation etc . . .

. . . .  the other stuff . . . . the answers to the what? when? and how? which can be secondary to the main headline.

This only works when potential clients are familiar with something.

I am going to use my own business name in this scenario to demonstrate what I mean.

A small graphic design company, Wild Ideas,
owner and designer, Linda Wild.

Lets follow the same format in the headline for our marketing . . . .

Featuring Wild Ideas . . . .

That would catch all business owners attention  . . .RIGHT?

They would stop! look! and listen! to find out  What Wild ideas is offering, and when and how they can get hold of it . . . . .

. . . . don’t I just wish?

More like Who? never heard of, . . .why would I read that?

(probably now that I am more well known in my area and to my existing clients, it would not be all bad)

but I am certainly not that well known to command such attention merely from my company name.

SO the two questions I would ask of you then:

1. Is your business name so familiar that it will stop people in their tracks, and make them look and listen, and instantly engage with the rest of the content in your marketing?

(if you answer yes to this – stop reading now)

2. So why do you put the name of your company and your logo at the top of your flyer, big and bold, in preference to anything that the customer might be interested in?

The first thing at the top of any marketing piece / flyer / website has to be a strong headline that grabs attention.

And word it towards what the reader will benefit, more than what you are featuring too.

Tell them what they will get, and make it something that they will want.

Featuring George Clooney . . (works because we all know our own personal benefits of that one) But . . . .

. . . . Featuring Wild Ideas design tips . . – is a bit lame and does not say what you get,
whereas, these headlines:

“Transform your business into a professional brand”

“Great design that means more business for your business”

both speak to the reader directly with the word ‘your’.

tells them that their business can be transformed / changed / improved and have a great professional branded design that will have a positive effect towards winning them more business.

x  x  x  x

So when you are doing your next piece of marketing
think twice before making your name the most important thing on the page

What your clients will gain from you is much more valuable to them – how they will benefit is all they are bothered about.

Grab their attention first,
then bullet point some enticing qualities,
top it off with a brilliant quote from an existing customer
and finally . . . . . now you can add you and your business name and logo
clearly and prominently, but secondary.

and if you were hoping for a bit of George Clooney
try this.

Thanks for reading


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