How to make sure you look good

This really kind of follows on from last week, where I talked about networking and meeting people.

So are you making sure you look good, and what about your business card, are you making sure that looks good too?

It stands to reason that for anyone to take you seriously then you want to be certain to look good.

So before you go out, have a shower, dress smartly, brush your hair, polish your shoes, add a touch of lipstick – if thats’ you . . . .

. . . thing is a lot of the time nowadays though that’s not really always me, (the lipstick I might add, not the shower and the smart clothes). .

. . . the point though is, make an effort, but be yourself as well.
Networking is not a wedding or your first job interview, there is no standard dress code.

Don’t put on loads of makeup and high heels, if you are a bare faced and flatties gal, don’t wear that grey suit and spotted tie if you are a chinos and polo shirt guy. . .

. . . why would you want to turn yourself into something you just are not?

Unless you are ashamed or embarrassed about who you are. (which is then a whole other issue that you would need to address first)

Of course you need to make an effort, but don’t get so far out of your comfort zone that you turn yourself into someone else.

Think smart, be casual and keep it real.

When you are natural and yourself, then you are comfortable, relaxed and confident and will then not only be able to present yourself as such, but be perceived like this too.

And so you have sorted out how you look, and confident that you will attract like minded people.

but how about your business?

Once you have attracted all these lovely people, and you swap business cards, well what then?

What does your card say about your business?

And is this really what you want?

Is it delivering the right message and aiming at the right people?

Does your card feel good in your hand?

Does it have a nice quality surface texture, is it thick enough to compete with the competition?

Does it live up to the expectations of your potential customers?

Is it stylishly designed, clean and clear, emblazoned with your professionally designed unique logo and ethos of your brand?

Is it unique and original, reflecting both your personality, and your business?

But does it have equal measure of design and functionality, is it fit for purpose?

Is your name prominent?

And your contact details large enough to be clear, or are they so tiny you need to squint to try and read them?

Is your address on?
Or do you look like a roaming gypsy with no fixed abode, with nowhere that you can be located?
(this can make people uneasy)

Does your web address and email domain match?

Have you given credibility to your business with a proper professional domain?

Please make sure you are not using a gmail address!
( if you have only just started and it is a stop gap for the short term only then you are forgiven) but get this sorted quickly . .
The cost is tiny (honestly). . .

. . . if you need some help registering a business domain name, my colleagues at  DBN web design can sort this for you.

And finally – back to that card –  is it printed on both sides?

The worst thing you can do is leave the reverse side completely unprinted.

If your printer is charging you excessive amounts extra to print on both sides then find someone else.

(Happy to provide prices from the supplier I use).

If you intended to allow some blank space for people to write on then at least make it look like you thought about it . . . .

by printing some pale lines . . . . . .  or a really tinted back image . . . . . . or just your logo in the bottom corner . . . . . . or strapline up the side.

But don’t do nothing, it looks really bad. Leaving the reverse side of your business card undressed is like going out half naked!

So remember
make a great impression by making sure you look good,
and maintain that impression with the tools of your business,
and make sure they look good too.

Thanks for reading.


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