more of the people more of the time

I have a few new ideas in the pipeline, for marketing Wild Ideas, this year, and as ever, am feeling excited and optimistic about what my business can achieve.

I hope you too have lots of plans, and are focussed to get going.

The willpower for me to get back into things is proving hard . . .

. . . . .It has taken two hours catching up on a couple of recorded episodes of my favourite TV shows (whilst folding clean laundry, I might add), before I have finally sat down at my desk today.

As all of you in business will be aware, the one thing that every business needs to be able to do to be sustainable is to have as many successful ways of getting and keeping customers as possible.

And then the more customers you get, and even the more you can keep, means bigger turnover and profitability for our businesses and happier people we will all be.

In the early years I was extremely reluctant to spend out anything on anything, so generally got very little back – kind of a catch 22

no investment, no return, so minimal business and tiny profit.

My view was that I needed to hang on to the little profit I had and not fritter it away on advertising.

Then I got educated in spend versus ROI (return on investment) and went a little overboard in random investment (mostly in across the board advertising) which meant spending out quite a lot . . .

. . . but hey there was going to be a ROI. . . . . .

. . . . Sadly,  my lack of judgement in places to advertise, meant that I generally failed miserably and my theory of advertising being merely a cost just came true.

I thing I was marketing too wide and random in the wrong publications and hoping for the best

– and getting sucked in with “advertising space sales talk” and not getting to know my potential client enough.

There is a place for advertising, in the right local publications, to the right local people, (if that is who your potential clients are) . . .

. . . . but as one part of the seven touch strategy for getting your brand into people’s heads, then hearts,  then wallets. . . .

. . . . I believe it goes hand in hand with the other 6 of those seven touches in the rest of your marketing, your flyer and your website and your social media. . . . .

. . . and your people skills! coz People buy from other people.

We buy from some of the people all of the time,
and all of the people some of the time

We spend with whom we trust, and we trust those we know.

–  So I want to try and get to know more of the people more of the time.

And we mustn’t forget that we also only buy something that we actually want or need, that is beneficial to our lives or businesses –  (and can afford – or justify the extra cost).

So to explain . . .

I am an epic and awesome graphic designer, who delivers an exceptional customer service, and creates graphic design and websites just for you,

my designs are always unique and never ordinary, at a price you can afford and with a service you will love.

However . . .

If you do not need any graphic design, then you will never be my customer, not even in a month of Sundays, however good I am.

And if you do need a graphic designer, I might be in with a chance, even if you do not know me very well, if I am as good as I say.

If you do need a graphic designer, (or your friend needs a graphic designer), and we have met several times at a business club  . . .

. . or various different business networking events in the midlands . . . and chatted about everything and anything except graphic design, well then . . .

. . . . I am probably in with an almost guarantee of some work (even if I am not quite as good as I say I am).

I know this because . . (it’s not what you know it’s who you know)

The majority of my work has come from people I know . . .
. . . . . or recommendations from existing clients,  or people I have met through networking events and business clubs.

SO, I am on a mission, no more spending on random advertising, and instead I will be spending on. . . .

. . . full cooked breakfast at the Lichfield Rugby Club monthly business networking event . . . . 2 course dinner at the Burton Business club monthly networking event . . .

Plus a few others through the Burton Chamber,  (that I am thinking of joining) and just making lots of friends, and getting to know people. . .

. . which will mean that I won’t be selling, I will just be enjoying myself, . . . . . . .Good food with new company

and then if you happen to need a graphic designer then you know where I am . .

Look out for the networking opportunities for your business, stop the sell and just make friends.

Thanks for reading.


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