Come and look at this

You know how when you are working, it’s all about what your customer needs, and you are busily working IN your business . . .
. . . after all, you don’t get paid for working ON your own business do you?

Lets find out . . . .

. . . .I am really proud of all the design work I do for my clients, my integrity ensures that they get an excellent service and a top class designed result, that ticks the boxes of my continued marketing learning . . . .

. . . and then they happily pay me for my work.

But onto my own website, which I happily admit, has been a bit lacking for a number of months. . . .  thats OK isn’t it
because no-one pays me for designing that do they?

Except, how many times am I NOT getting paid when potential new customers look at my website, and struggle to interpret it, and so head off in another direction. . . .

. . . potential client gone, never to return.

all that has changed, as this week I must say a really big thank you to my business colleague and webmaster at DBN web design for all his hard work coding up my new website.

now potential new customers can see a website that’s clear and to the point, that offers what they want, that they can navigate around on all their devices, and easily get in touch with me, meaning . . . .

1. I get a new customer
2. ultimately I get paid

It is still work in progress, so there will be tweaks and improvements over the coming weeks, but ultimately the new design is complete.

And it helps my SEO, if I keep updating little things as I go along. . . .
. . . .to be best friends with Google you need to give him regular treats, and he’ll put you nearer the top of the reading list.
So I invite you to take a tour with me, and

1.  tell me what you think

1. A clear headline telling you exactly what I do
2. 3 secondary points to tell you why I am different to other designers.
3. A testimonial from a happy customer
4. An entertaining video to demonstrate what I offer to you, in just one minute.
5. An easy-for-you-to-navigate quick list of things that I can design
6. A free give away, to help you learn how to design your own marketing flyer.
7. Pictures of me, so you can see I am a real person
8. Contact information at both top and bottom of the page.
9. Concise menu buttons at the top of the page
10. Picture links in a friendly style to help you understand the design process.
11. How to get your free website – we are still helping out new and start-up businesses.

2. cross reference and make sure your own website has some or all of these things.

Then move on to your other marketing
because it’s the same with clumsily designed flyer, a shoddy business card, if it doesn’t present you as the best in your business then it’s losing you new clients. . . .

. . . so get your business branding right,
Present yourself well, set out your stall, smile and invite people in.

Be on the look out for that next customer, and keep working ON your business not just IN it.

Thanks for reading


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