(How) do you respond?

Respond, answer, say something in reply, react, retort.

1. Are you good at it?
2. Do you even bother?
3. Does it depend who is asking and what they say?

Q. How bad do you feel when others DO NOT respond to you?

Last week my eldest son turned 9.**
Apparently, according to his teacher (from yesterdays parents evening) he listens well in class!

I pretty much know that he listens to me, but he chooses* to hardly ever respond!

A. Well its often irritating, it can be annoying and, sometimes frustrating, particularly when you have asked a question.

Some clients do it too, receive an email proof from me (I can only assume) as they do not confirm they have it, and they go off the radar for a couple of weeks.

I like to think that its not intentional, that they are so excited with their design proofs, that they forget to think about just letting me know that they have received them OK.

Of course, they always get back to me if there is a problem with opening a file or some such other issue or problem. . . .

. . . we do seem to be a nation of complainers . . .
. . . wouldn’t it be nice if we went out of our way to be a nation of responders too.

Q. How good do you feel when others DO respond to you?

**  so 9 years old, and he wanted a sleepover, and a treasure hunt, like I did before (when he was 7) but different, and can we make pizza?

I seem to be the only parent who is up for this – no responsive invites for sleepovers elsewhere I have noticed!

But the kids enjoy it, and I know this because in this situation they do choose* to respond . . . and in extremes . . .

A. Well its great to get some kind of reaction, even a bad response(A) should help to tell you something about yourself (or them), and a good one (B) is amazingly uplifting.

. . . so when they can’t find a treasure hunt clue quick enough (due to their own lack of perseverance), well the response is . . .

(A) . . .”this is lame”, rubbish etc  (to be fair I do not recall the exact word used) – they seem to be complainers too.

but my whole evening was rewarded when they finally found the final treasure, and I overheard . . . .

(B). . . . “wow this is fantastic, your mum is awesome, mine would never do this”

and what do you think this awesome treasure was? well a lego mini figure each (to my son and 2 friends). . . so easily pleased!
(Will this give my son playground cred, having such an awesome mum, I wonder?)

So how does this relate to business . . . .
what about your website?
How does that respond?

1.    What does it look like on a desktop monitor or laptop?
2.    What does it look like on your ipad or tablet?
3.    What does it look like on your iphone or small screen smart phone?

Is it like a 9 year old?
listens but does nothing anyway, choosing to not be bothered.

If the answer is yes and you need some assistance, then

At Wild Ideas, but more accurately, at DBN web design, the websites we create (even the simple template for the free offer ones) will always respond . .

. . . . in the way they always appear completely on whichever device they are viewed upon.
With elements re-positioning so there is never any need for horizontal scrolling.

When you look at a website on a large monitor open and close the size of the browser window and see if the content of the page moves to always fit within that window.

Heck just do it now with this blog window!

This is called a Responsive website:

adjective: responsive
1.    1. reacting quickly, positively and appropriately
2.    “a flexible service that is responsive to changing social patterns”
3.    “the industry must become more responsive to consumer needs”

When your website does this
you can be certain that your visitors will receive a great experience however they view your site.

So make sure to not be a 9 year old,
its OK to be a complainer but be a responder too . . . . .

. . . .  say hi, . . . . .say thanks, . . . . . and say, hey I got your email, I’ll let you know!

Thanks for reading



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