Pourquoi? – Qui? – Comment? Font – Colour – Design.

Blog 99, (eurovision) remember this:
Watch this space, and in a future blog I will tell you how it went.

Well true to my word, here is the client story, the Why, Who and How. . . . of the Parent = Leader project. . . . . (with some valuable design tips on font and colour  to help you too.)

. . . . now in the beginning, this was merely a great opportunity to catch up with an old acquaintance, and work on my first international project . . . .

. . . but more recently, due to personal events with my eldest son (just the normal pressures of bringing up a 9 year old I guess) this has made me think a little deeper. Continue reading

The amateur design trait for Room 101 – and how to avoid it.

This week is the 101st blog – and so immediately I thought of Room 101

The late evening television show most recently hosted by Frank Skinner, and for those of you  not familiar with the format then I will allow wikipedia to enlighten you:

“in which celebrities are invited to discuss their pet hates and persuade the host to consign them to oblivion in Room 101, a name inspired by the torture room in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four which reputedly contained “the worst thing in the world”.

Now I like to think of myself as quite open minded, and when friends come to me with their “designs” and ask for my opinions, immediately adding “I know you will say its terrible”

I do like to give credit where its due. After all people who are not graphic designers should not be judged and criticised as harshly as those who are, for producing a poor design.

I try to be positive, and point out the good bits and then give constructive advice on how to improve things.

And in fact, a lot of people have a good eye and can produce a reasonably good layout for a poster / invite / business card

HOWEVER, A lot is not all, and last night I was reminded once again of one of my own particular pet hates that should go into my room 101. Continue reading

What’s the MS Word on Massage?

Its always nice to be able to finally realise the design vision with the completion of a project. . .  and then to tell the story of that journey in my blog  . . . .

. . . .  and today is one of those days when I have a story to tell.

Miss S, is an existing client of mine whom I originally created a branding and logo set for her holistic therapy and Ayurvedic massage business, based in Nottingham. Continue reading