How is your child’s Learning Journey?

Summer is on the wane now, and I am looking forward to being able to properly get stuck in to some work once the boys are back at school on the 8th September.

7 long weeks (and an inset day) – what on earth are Staffs CC thinking about? . . . Will there be any numeracy and literacy skills retained among the lego and minecraft clutter, once they get back to school?

How is your child’s learning journey – has that been disrupted by 7 weeks too?

I watched A TV programme last night about the challenges some people face to get their children into the “right” school.

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Why Fi?

Those of you who regularly read my blog, will have noticed the recent lack . . . .  while I take my annual family camping trip, to the sunny climes of Cornwall.

You should try it . . . . Yet again ( for our 9th successive year) we were blessed with lovely weather. . . .
. . . once it finally stopped raining on the day we went.

We did have to sit in the car for almost 2 hours debating on the feasibility of pitching a brand new tent in the pouring deluge . . .  . . . knowing that it would not go well if we were forced to such inevitability.

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