Meta descriptions – a beginners guide

OK, meta data, meta tags, meta descriptions, meta description tags . . . hands up who knows what they are?

This definition from tech terms is helpful
Meta data is data about data, it provides information about an item’s content.

And the specific areas of meta data on a web page associated with specific information are called meta tags, so you will get meta keyword tags and meta description tags / meta descriptions.

Whether you know all this or not, the one thing I can guarantee . . .

You all will have seen these meta descriptions and read them, even if you don’t know what and where they appear.
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9 reasons people will notice your free marketing flyer template design

Are you old enough to remember the pre-digital age? . . .there are less of us now . . . no mobile phones, no email or internet, OMG no Facebook?

If any of you have been watching Cradle to Grave, BBC 2. . . . you will even have been reminded of a time before video recorders . . . (what are they then? . . . crikey it was a long time ago)

Anyway it was a time when if we wanted to market our business or event or party, or communicate with people we had to use real paper. . . . printed ink and an actual written message. . . .



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5 simple tasks that will improve your website SEO ranking

If you read last week, then you will remember that I got a bit fired up by the salesman at yell . . .

. . . and it prompted some deep investigations, on how to improve your website SEO ranking. . .
. . . without the need for costly and non-guaranteed paid for services from online sources.

(I had another 2 hour conversation with a lady at Scoot this week, who while she questioned the ability of my own trusted webmaster,  . . . .

and bombarded me with all their wonderful services to help . . . . could not actually make any promises of her own.

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