Merry Christmas from B4

If you are anything like most people this time of year
then you will have enough to do without reading this . . .

but I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas old school style.

Last night we happened upon some retro episodes of children’s TV from the BBC . . .  on BBC Four.
And it was really interesting . . .

My son was fascinated and enjoyed watching some of the 70’s shows that me and my husband had seen in our childhood.
It was a real trip down memory lane.

It reminded me that Christmas really is for Children.

And it reminded me of a poem I had written as a child . . . that was stashed away in a drawer.

So from a childhood me here’s wishing you all a great Christmas . . . .

Look in your stocking
Wow what a way to start Christmas Day

There are presents galore, who could ask for more
what a way to start Christmas Day

There’s a turkey for dinner, Christmas Pudding and Cake
Outside in the Snow there are snowmen to make

If we take out the sledge we can race down the hills
And pile up the snow on the Windowsills

Wow what a way to spend Christmas Day

And if the ice on the pond is thick and strong
We’ll skate back and forth the afternoon long

And when the moon shines, and everywhere’s dark
We’ll go singing Carols and walk in the park

Hip Hip Hooray for Christmas Day

Thanks for reading,
and I’ll see you all in 2016


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