Picture your image – 2 top tips

I love all the technology around us today – how easy it is to google anything without lifting any more than your arm to reach your phone. . . .

. . . my only frustration is how much time we spend without realising.
I finally got a smart phone last month – decided it was time to bring myself into the 21st Century . . .

(great phone incidentally – bought outright on SIM Free – Huawei Ascend G7 )

. . .the thing that nailed it was when I was at a business event, and the speaker said . . . “everyone get your phones out and tweet this” . . . .

. . . . and I felt like the only person in the room who couldn’t!

I also thought “this will help me to save time on my business social media” . . . .

Are you laughing yet? . . . . those of you who know. . . .

(I now just get more distracted with social media rather than saving time with it – and the app on my phone links with personal posts rather than business ones anyway)

so this morning I made sure that I did NOT turn my phone on until after the boys were at school . . . .
. . . . so the dreaded Facebook did not suck 30 minutes out of my morning (when I should have been making packed lunches) before I noticed it.

The Image
Have you noticed the big increase in imagery on Facebook? . . . not necessarily pictures . . . more words wrapped up in visual formats . . .

. . . nice fonts. . . attractive colours. . . appealing layouts. . . . .enticing us to read . . . it’s all much more interesting than just a great long paragraph of text on a page . . . isn’t it?

words wrapped up in visual formats
words wrapped up in visual formats

Do you tend to read things like that?
Do they grab your attention more than a typewritten post?
They are nicer to look at are they not?
More appealing to the eye?
Often written in short punchier lines?
Or memorable poetic rhymes?

Do you know what that is?

Well that’s graphic design that is . . . . that is what I do – I make your stuff look better

Design all manner of visual stuff  so it is well laid out . . . .  with appropriately sized and more interesting typefaces . . . .

 . . . .with specific well chosen colours that are/become associated with your brand.


Top Tip 1 – Picture your Image:

If you are (for a myriad of reasons) not currently in a position to use the services of a graphic designer . . .

You could do a lot worse than reference some of the ideas within these attention grabbing images when you are presenting your own business in any online or printed format.

Ask yourself . . . “why do I like this? . . . (its more about the general format than the specific detailed content).

And then create your own next bit of marketing around the same ethos – but remember to build it around your existing business brand styling.

My own favourite Facebook image this week was a (photo of a ) chalk board written with the words:
“We do not have Wi-fi . . . pretend its 1995 and talk to each other”

I particularly thought this was fantastic because it highlights the negative aspect of today’s technology . . .

. . . it particularly resonated with me because . .

1. I can remember 1995 very well . . . and
2.  I already do go to lots of networking events and actually talk to people face to face.

I was at a networking at the Brewhouse arts centre in Burton last Friday.

I spoke at length about all sorts of stuff to a lady I had met briefly in the past but not had opportunity to really get to know . . .but now I have

. . . and it was greet – thanks Steph (HR 101)

The Picture
The organiser of the event  was asking if people were keen to record a short video that would be broadcast on the new Love Burton website to . . . .

1. Wish a Merry Christmas to the people of Burton
2. Briefly say who you are and what you do, thus promoting your business.

So the video camera all set up to the side of the room . . . in front of the Christmas tree . .
with a choice of festive headgear to be worn for the shoot.

3 . . 2 . . . 1 . .  record . . smile. . .

watch the playback – oops!

It is not what you think! . . . no-one is ever happy watching themselves back on video – its worse that a photo isn’t it? . . .

. . . so forget that!

No the thing that jumped out and spoiled the Picture . . .

. . . . was the background . . . oh the Christmas tree was there alright . . . to the left and behind . . .
. . . but over my left shoulder (to the right of the shot) was

. . . . the archway into the hall with all the artwork on the wall. . . a bit in shadow so you really had to strain to see what it was . . . .

and thus potentially taking your attention away from the person speaking in the front of the shot.

Top Tip 2 – Imagine your Picture

And this goes for photographs as well as video recordings.

If you are (for a myriad of reasons) not in a position to use the services of a photographer . . .

At least take heed from this advice from a designer

This picture is about? . . . . decide what is your main subject matter . . .

and whatever it is make sure you think about the position you want it to be within the complete frame of your shot.

The centre is not always right – it depends what you are trying to achieve.

But before you shoot anything checkout the whole frame . . .   look at all 4 corners of your shot.
Be aware of what you are seeing and how it will affect the final picture.

Now do something about it

move, re-focus, re-position, zoom in or zoom out, stand on a chair, sit down, adjust the lights.

Place a roller banner behind? – but check that the logo is not half cropped off – or any text is not illegible.

But make sure that what you get is what is right for the situation – make a conscious decision.

Preparation and set up is is key here . . . particularly in my situation where there were many videos being recorded from the same position.

Those of you who know me will be aware how much of a perfectionist I am will appreciate my frustration.

And those of you who are professional/better photographers than I will relate . . . .
because since the invention of digital photography there is NO EXCUSE for a poorly framed shot.

so now these tips are ingrained in your consciousness you will be able to turn your next marketing message into a great image

and picture your image matter much more effectively the next time you reach for your camera.

Thanks for reading


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