A designer body equals a creative mind

I think there is a saying that says a healthy body equals a healthy mind? . . . .  and this is the design version . . . a designer body equals a creative mind . . . .

In the good old days when I was young, free and single (ish but living with my now husband – before we got married), I was a real morning person . . . .

I used to get up at 5.15am to make pack lunches for work before my husband left for a 6am shift . . .
. . and was often bright and breezy enought to do some housework before my own work day started.

But that was 20 years ago.

As a graphic designer then whatever shape I am in, surely my body qualifies as a designer body?
However . . . .

My more frequent need to wear my reading glasses . . . and those aches and random twinges to my designer back . . .all reminding me that I need to take more care of myself.

But as Angela Rippon very nicely has been telling us on the BBC recently it’s not all doom and gloom and we can take control.

I am guilty of getting distracted, by my phone, which might be how I came across an online quiz to test how fit I was. . . .

. . . and despite my recent running – and my weekly 7k on aSaturday morning . . . . I really am apparently still not doing enough.

. . . thanks for that!

But you know if you take offence at something then often it is because it hits home a message of truth and you feel guilty about it.

So I decided that instead of spending 20 – 30 minutes checking facebook each morning between packing husband off to work, and waking the boys up . . .

. . . I would spend the time being active . . .and getting my daily dose of excercise and strength training.

I have done enough aerobics classes and pilates in the past to know the kind of stretches and moves that work  . . .

. . .and indeed I was reliably informed by Angela Rippon  that dancing was a great way to exercise all sorts of muscle groups and get my heart racing. . . .

. . . and as Radio 2 is always on to entertain in the morning, and the lounge rug is empty, and the boys are usually still in bed then I could dance and stretch to my hearts content.

So designer body in progress TICK.

Next job is to exercise the creative mind. . . .



Now my creative mind is not very alert first thing anymore . . . .

in fact I most often get the most creative late in an evening at the point when I really should be going to bed!

As with the body, my mind is showing signs of age . . . . not enough room to recall everything very quickly . . . if at all!

But all is not lost – with daily exercise things can be improved.

I downloaded a range of memory training games for my phone when I first had it . . . and in the first instance all they showed me . . . .

. . . how rubbish I was. . . .

But that was then . . . things are changing to this creative mind.

I currently have a selection of 9 games and if I do all of them daily it takes me an hour (give or take) so I pick and choose a bit.

But I was thrilled this week when I finally, by some miracle, actually completed a 5 stage memory pairs game before the 7 minute timer expired. . . .

. . . So the memory of this creative brain of mine is getting better then.

Memory training is actually quite good fun . . and the variety of different games makesit interesting too.  . .

Improving a creative mind is even easier when the apps you select have a daily workout option which you can stick too.

Here is my recommended selection for a healthy creative mind all downloaded for FREE from Google Play


I still seem to be much better at midnight than at 7am, which is not really practical but maybe in time I can turn that around.

I feel spurred on and focused to improve more.

And maybe Angela will be able to help me when I watch the second part of the BBC program . . .

But for now I am on track for an improved creative mind – TICK

So its all good.

until next week – Thanks for reading


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