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QUESTION –   What could your business have in common with a small bespoke jewellery design company in Burton-upon-Trent.?

Well – more than likely quite a lot . . .

Jamie Hall Jewellery create unique pieces . . . nothing off the shelf . . . evey single ring, bangle, brooch, necklace . . .  is a bespoke creation tailored especially for you . . . (their customer). . .

. . .and still only at high street / off the peg prices.

Jewellery or not . . . isn’t it great when you have something that is completely unique to you . . that no-one else has?

Isn’t it even better that this completely original and individual item contains:

1. everything that you want, need and asked for
2. everything that gives it a quality professional look
3. everything that makes your business look like an expert it its field
4. everything that will appeal to your potential clients
5. everything that will help them to find you and buy from you

and, if that wasn’t enough . . . .

6. still only cost about the same price as if you bought it off the shelf?
7. AND – allowed you to pay by easy monthly payment options

This is what the new Jamie Hall jewellery website design has. . . (that your business could too)

ANSWER –  a brand new website design . . . a bespoke creation tailored especially for you by Wild Ideas original graphic design.

Back in december, I had a meeting with Helen and Jamie Hall about ideas for their jewellery website design. . .

. . . but it was intended to be just a initial chat, after which I produced a quote, that would be valid for 3 months . . .

. . . and in the new year they would contact me again at a point when they had completed a few projects and have some money in order to pay my deposit . . .

. . . so you can imagine my surprise when just a few weeks later, I noticed they had paid my deposit already.

. . .so I happily contacted them again and we established a few more details and I began work on their jewellery website design.

Because Helen and Jamie are both creative people themselves, they knew exactly what they liked . . and what they didn’t . . .

. . . and every month they paid me another instalment towards the final balance.

. . . they were able to give fantastic feedback . . .which means getting that perfect creation was not a difficult task.

Keeping busy with their own business they also took their time, and the website design and dvelopment has been steady and controlled to be sure that they are happy with progress. . .

. . . and continually paying another instalment each month. . .

. . .and then to put the icing on the cake, they agreed with my advice . . . and followed their own business protocol . . .

. . .  and engaged the services of not one,  but two professional photographers to take completely bespoke photographs of Jamie in his workshop. . .

. . . and unique tailored shots of his latest bespoke jewellery design creations.

The final instalment of  their Wild Ideas easy payments has now been completed, to tie in perfectly with the completion of the project.

The new website will be going live very soon  – so checkout this page at

bespoke jewellery website design

If you like the look of this, and want your business to have its own great ( insert your own business here) design website . . .

. . . lets have a chat about your ideas and turn them into a something that is completely unique to you . . that no-one else has.
This blog is created and written entirely by Linda Wild
Thanks for reading.



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