How long will my graphic design project take?

. . .  Is often the first question – after how much? – new potential clients will ask. . . it seems that everyone is in so much of a hurry. . .

Well, your graphic design project will take as long as you allow it to.

The assumed answer people expect is that it relates to how many other graphic design projects I have at the time  . . .

which is true . . . but not as much as you would expect.

Because the real answer is:
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Why you should not use an initialism or acronym in your business name.

The reason people tend to use an initialism or acronym for their business name is because they think too much about what their business means to them and less about how it will be perceived by their potential customers. . . .

. . . or possibly because they think too less about appreciating the importance of the right business name and using an initialism or acronym is a quick fix.

. . . . but most businesses have very little understanding of marketing . . . because their business is about anything other than marketing.

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