The most important part of a good flyer design

The latest Wild Ideas project is for Chameleon Acupuncture, in Rugely, and it is one of my favourite things to create for my clients . . . a good flyer design . . .

Something tangible that you can hold in your hand, and distribute . . .

. . . with confidence and a smile directly into the hands of potential clients like Lisa, who you know you can help . . .

. . . or quietly and unobtrusively through the letterbox of people, like Jamie, who are squirming in their homes unaware that you are out there just ready to make their lives a little better.

Lisa and Jamie

Shopping around for something cheaper and better takes valueable time . . . so all too often it’s just quicker and easier for Lisa, to stick with what she knows . . .

even if what she knows isn’t necessarily totally what she likes. (are you like Lisa?)

Then there’s Jamie, who’s so busy in his own little universe . . . never lifting his head above the parapet to see what else is out there . . .

. . . that he doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know . . . therefore until someone makes him aware with some information, he won’t even realise how beneficial your product or service would be in his life. (are you like Jamie?)

why you need a good flyer design

Now turn it on it’s head so Lisa and Jamie are potential cutomers . . .

When it comes to marketing your business . . . how are you going to create a good flyer design that makes a customer out of the Lisa’s and Jamie’s?

Well question 1 is to identify what version of Lisa and / or Jamie your product / service is aiming at . . .

take a bit of time working out the age, gender, and demographic of the people that your business will really help. . .

. . . and those who are most likely to be open to paying for your product or service.

Identify where they hang out and what they do, and a few key characteristics about their lifestyle so your good flyer design can connect with them.

You need to understand how your product or service will make their lives easier . . . better . . . happier

You need to provide them the answer to the the problem they might not even realise they have.

And you need to present it in a good flyer design which is attractive, simple and straightforward . . .

so that it makes them stop and listen.

what’s not a good flyer design

As an example to help with the story, Lets use the Chameleon Acupuncture logo and branding design project I have recently completed . . .

and say that your business is acupuncture, and you have the skill to treat and heal various conditions and ailments.

Chameleon Acupuncture Logo


You have just had a wonderful logo designed for your new acupuncture business, so first thing for your good flyer design is to put it right at the top of the page?

But, STOP . . . THINK . . . is this really the right place, for a good flyer design?

Remember, Neither Lisa or Jamie, know who you are, and Jamie doesn’t even know that he needs you . . yet

which means that your brilliantly designed professional logo, however wonderful, will not impress Jamie at all.

He suffers from a bit of back pain sometimes, that gets a bit annoying occasionally, but he’s not keen on needles, as far as he’s concerned acupuncture is not even on his radar.

Lisa, on the other hand, if you remember, is just very busy, she is already having homeopathic treatment for her pain, but it’s not going brilliantly and she’s not 100% happy, but it’s OK and so she just carries on . . .

The word Acupuncture might catch Lisa’s attention, but the rest of your logo won’t impress her. . .

. . . Chameleon acupuncture? she’s not heard of them . . . oh I don’t know who they are . . .

. . . and she’s busy remember, so she doesn’t read much more. . .

so NO that’s NOT a good flyer design.

When you’re trying to make an impression on potential new clients who don’t know what you do and don’t understand how your service can help them then putting your logo at the top of your marketing and expecting them to be impressed by it is really not the way to go about it.

A good flyer design headline

Why do you think they have headline Acts at a concert?

If you want to attract customers, then you try to get a few big names to Headline your advertising . . . Take That . . . Stone Roses . . . Kaiser Chiefs . . .Taylor Swift . . . are playing

you know who they are, you want to go . . . YES

Joseph Charon . . . Elephant Banjos . . . Ninja Diablo . . . are playing

are you impressed now?

It is exactly the same with a good flyer design . . . you need a massive headline act to make them stop, look and listen.

Find their pain point

What is it that you do for people . . .

Not your service . . . not the Acupuncture . . . or the Emmett Technique or the Cupping Therapy . . .

that is what you give . . . they don’t give a toss about you remember . . all they care about is what they are going to get.

what is it that people get from your products or service?

start with the WHY

Why do people come to you?

what problem do you solve for them?

if they are in pain . . . do you make it all go away?

Also consider . . .

Why people should come but they don’t

what is the biggest excuse / fear / reason for people not using your service?

Now make a list and answer some or all of these issues
and you are on your way to a great attention grabbing headline to make a good flyer design.

Find the words that are going to talk to them

Create a brilliant snappy sentence that tells them in no uncertain terms one of the following:

how you are going to help them
how they are going to benefit from your service

it could be a question it could be a statement but it has to be something that will make them go oh my goodness I’ve got that problem . . . maybe this person is worth looking . . . at maybe this leaflet is worth investigating further

You have to find a clever way of making them realise that they actually need what you can actually offer.

And talk directly to them with the words you and your.

then once you have identified your headline then follow through with this same wording across all of your branding.

Chameleon Acupuncture . . .

Is a fear of needles preventing you getting help? (flyer)
Don’t let a fear of needles prevent you getting help. (website)


As for your logo . . . well it goes almost at the bottom, with your call to action.

Free guide download - how to create a good flyer designIf you want a bit more help with creating your own good flyer design then download the free guide on the RHS of my home page.

This blog is created and written entirely by Linda Wild
Thanks for reading.



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