Why you need headshot photographs

You may have noticed (if you’re familiar with my social media posts and on my website) that I’ve updated the photographs of me recently . . . .

I’ve had some professional headshot photograhs done . . . by Vivienne Kane photography, to promote my personality within my businesses.

Now I already had headshot photograhs of me on my website, OK ones I had done myself, and some on social media done by another photographer friend, while in my studio, but I knew really that I should get something a bit more professional . . .

Well what was wrong with what you had? I hear you ask . . .

They just didn’t come up to scratch when compared with the professional
headshot photographs that I saw on other business profiles. . .

. . . and they were a bit out of date.

Here’s looking at you – headshot photographs

What do people see when they look at you ?

Far too many people hate looking at photographs of themselves . . . we can all be extremely critical we look in the mirror we analyse . . .

because all we see is every little wrinkle and every little line and every little spot . . .

and always something that we think isn’t quite right and . . .

“oh there’s a hair here and there’s a mole there and oh does this look ok? does that look ok? “

But stop and think for a minute . . . you know what, that’s what people see who you talk to every single day

but you don’t put a bag on your head when you chat to a stranger on the bus. . . or friends at the gym . . . or the other mums at the school pickup.

You you don’t put a bag on your head when you’re at networking event chatting to the person next to you about your business and they’re looking straight at you . . .

. . . with all your perceived faults.

I bet they’re not thinking, oh he’s got a mole, or a line or a spot . . .

what do you think when you look at them?

They’re seeing you . . . and it’s a whole lot more complex than just the surface image . . . especially after you talk to them.

Service industry headshot photographs

Why do we have a website? . . . to advertise our products and services and help people to buy from us.

If you work in a shop, then you have to show your face and smile and engage with people . . .

. . . so why not do it on your website . . . show your face, smile straight out of the page at them and engage . . .

. . . be friendly and positive and make sure they know that you are the kindest most helpful person they are ever going to meet. . .

. . . make sure that your eyes sparkle and they feel they can trust you, and are ready to pick up the phone and call.

The job of headshot photographs

If potential clients visit your website and know what you look like, before they meet you, then they are more reassured when they meet you for their first appointment, or treatment, or when you come to their offices to train their staff.

The headshot photographs on your marketing materials tells people that you are confident and positive.

So as long as you live up that, and be the best version of you that there is, then after they have met you, the same headshot photographs will act as a reminder of your great service.

And if you met them at a networking event, and they have your business card (maybe containing on of your headshot photographs) . . .

. . . .then when they see those same headshot photographs on your website and social media it will remind them of . . .

. . . the person they chatted to . . . the friendly bubbly person that was really enthusiastic about their business.

They won’t see the minor imperfections that you might get so concerned about . . .

They’ll see the bigger picture the whole package.

The headshot photographs experiment

Have a look at this logo . . . (now I know it’s not an actual headshot photograph) but go with it . . .

Think about what you see, what comes immediately into your mind?

1. Do you see tasty burgers and fries?
2. Do you see Chicken McNuggetts and milkshake
3. Do you see Saturday lunchtime treats with the kids
4. Maybe you see cheap processed rubbish fast food?

Q. Did you see any imperfections?
Q. Were you even bothered about looking?
Q. Does it even matter, because you already got the main message?

Well done if you can work out what they are.
But hopefully this demonstrates . . . you don’t really see the logo . . . you see what the logo represents.

When people see your headshot photographs on your website, on your branding materials, on your leaflets, what they’re really seeing is the personality behind your business branding, a reminder of who you are and what you represent . . .

. . . and why they want your service, or shoose to buy products from you.

and that is why it’s really really important to use headshot photographs,
in addition to your logo.

Particularly on your website because that’s easily changeable, . . .

depending upon your business, not necessarily on all your leaflets but it’s certainly something to think about.

Perhaps not necessarily on a business card but it’s certainly something to think about.

So don’t get too pernickety about what you think people are seeing when they look at you.

Get your headshot photographs on your branding . . . get your face out there so people can link you to your business . . .

and if you’re really really self conscious about what you look like then get some headshot photographs done by a professional photographer, like Vivienne and then just put them everywhere . . .

Then like the penguins of madagascar (if you’re familiar) be confident , be proud and smile . . .

Smile and wave boys just smile and wave

Vivienne Kane headshot photographs

The brilliant photographer who took my headshot photographs was Vivienne Kane photography and she really took the time and effort to make me think about everything . . . .

What I wanted the headshot photographs to be used for, how I want to look, how much time I would need to prepare myself beforehand, what clothes I might want to bring,

. . . making sure that I gave myself time to prepare for the shoot by having my hair done, maybe getting my make-up done . . .

. . . . and being able to arrive in a calm state and be relaxed ready to get the best out of the shoot.

I am really please with my 3 headshot photographs, but you judge for yourself . . .

headshot photographs Linda Wild

. . . if you think she’s done a good job then check her out and have yours done too.

And just because it would bother me (too) here are the things I changed on the McDonalds logo and here is the correct one

McDonalds right

1. The colours were both wrong.
2. The black shadow was on the wrong side.
3. The wrong proportion was on the height.
4. The depth of the centre on the M was shortened.






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Thanks for reading.




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