It’s not what you do, It’s the way that you do it, That’s what gets results

I just made a customer really happy, by turning a DIY design he had created into a fabulous flyer that will get a much better result than what he created . . .

and one of the best things, he realised it himself, after seeing what I did for a friend of his, before he came to me.

That is why he is a brilliant wellness coach and I am a brilliant graphic designer.

Do the flyers through your door get results?

Question 1 Hands up who gets flyers through their door?

Question 2 Are you aware of what makes you read them or not?

Question 3 Maybe you are a business owner who has or is thinking about creating your own flyer?

A flyer is a great way to tell everyone about your service or product, but only if it gets read!
If it goes straight in the bin without a second glance, that is not getting great results.

I am pretty sure that this one done by a recent client of mine would not have got read at all . . .

wellness flyer - DIY version

Many of this guys potential clients would not even know what a wellness coach would do, and therefore would not recognise themselves as the people he could help.

The way his wording is presented, as a letter format, means that they are most likely not even going to read the second side . . .

(What do you think? – do you agree?)

Lets face it, this would require a conscious decision to bother, and faced with a page of black uninteresting text, on a subject that you don’t think is relevent to you, how many of us would put the effort in to bother choosing to read?

Fortunately, when my client saw a flyer I had created for a friend of his he realised his error and contacted me straight away.

Designing a flyer that does get results

Oh dear, I agreed, its no good filling one side with your branding, if no-one has heard of you . . they won’t be impressed. . . you won’t get results.

Regular readers of my blog will be familiar with the following information:
Unless you’re Apple, Nike, Harrods, or such no-one will stop and look with just your logo.

Flyers have to bright and eye catching . . they need to talk directly to your ideal customer . . . make the person reading pay attention:

You need a Headline they can relate to.

Something that they have already read just by looking at it, that makes them say  “OMG that’s me, I need that!”

So I set to work, and on reading the wording on the second side of his DIY flyer I discovered it was actually pretty good . . .

then I looked on his website for more insights into his business and you know what, some of the wording on his website, well that too was really good. 

He also had some images, testimonials and graphic elements on the website that were perfect to incorporate into a flyer design for brand consistency. . .

. .  so all in all plenty of content just ready to be used, just a poor execution on the DIY flyer.

Enter Wild Ideas Graphic Design. . .

Getting a design professional then to sort the wheat from the chaff, and  also essentially a person outside of your business who can recognise the best trigger points that will attract potential clients into your business, is the key point here.

In this project I was able to utilise a lot of existing elements and pull them together in an engaging layout for a fantastic flyer design, that is on the right path to get the best results.

I really just re-arranged what he had provided, a prime example of not what you do, but the way you do it . . .

Wording that already asked potential clients the perfect question, but now just presented as an attention grabbing headline.

The inclusion of images (really important) one new one, yes, but two of them were already on his website!

Testimonials, really beneficial (again already on his website).

then a few tweaks to the angle that the wording is written from, and a few areas of text highlighted to jump off the page . . .

Then quite a lot of skill and sparkle (the bit that you pay me for that you either have or haven’t) and hey presto the finished result:

flyer design

I love creating amazing design results for people, and recently I have also started helping them achieve amazing skin results with my latest venture as an ambassador for Tropic Skincare.

Does your current skincare give you effective results?

Tropic Skincare is a clean beauty brand launched in 2013 by Lord Alan Sugar and Apprentice finalist Susie Ma.

If you are concerned about all the toxins in beauty products, make-up, soap, shampoo etc etc, and would like to find safe, clean products that are natural, give effective results and are freshly made in the UK, then you will love Tropic.

It is sold via local ambassadors like me , via 121’s or during pamper presentations in peoples houses, at local events, shows, and wherever people are willing to invite me to demonstrate or do free facials.

There are lots of us across the country, but you need to buy from your local ambassador, or through their website for them to get their commission, and then stay loyal to them every time you re-order.

So if you are interested then get in touch with me to find out more, book your 121, or arrange a coffee.

AND – maybe if you feel really passionate about natural, cruelty-free, vegan products and helping the planet, you might want to join the team and be part of an ethical shopping and carbon neutral company.

Part-time flexible hours, unlimited earning potential, build your business your way, with masses of support and training.

If you need some help with graphic design to get better results from your marketing then all my contact details are on this website . . .

. . .  and if the Tropic Skincare has piqued your interest then you can find out more by connecting with me on Facebook, joining my group at or shopping from my website


If you think you might benefit from some wellness coaching to get you fit for life, then speak to stephen:

This blog is created and written entirely by Linda Wild

Thanks for reading.






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