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QUESTION –   What could your business have in common with a small bespoke jewellery design company in Burton-upon-Trent.?

Well – more than likely quite a lot . . .

Jamie Hall Jewellery create unique pieces . . . nothing off the shelf . . . evey single ring, bangle, brooch, necklace . . .  is a bespoke creation tailored especially for you . . . (their customer). . .

. . .and still only at high street / off the peg prices.

Jewellery or not . . . isn’t it great when you have something that is completely unique to you . . that no-one else has?

Isn’t it even better that this completely original and individual item contains:

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Get your new designer outfit here

I’ve been busy busy busy making sure my lovely clients businesses have a great looking designer outfit.

what are you up to?

how are you preparing for your next big day / night out?

is it a friend’s wedding / special birthday / anniversary  / celebration / day out at the races?

OMG, have you been shopping yet?

Have you got your designer outfit?
Booked your nails?
Did you buy a hat?
New handbag?
Matching shoes?

Guys – got your own designer outfit? . . . new shirt / on trend trousers?
booked the spray tan?
Testing out some new grooming products?
Planning a new hairstyle?
Treated yourself to that expensive cologne?

Did you make sure all the colours follow through with your accessories?

Are you going to stand out in the crowd?

Is everybody going to compliment you on how you look?

Are strangers going to admire you from afar and wish they could look so good?

Are you going to get lots of attention and attract new friends . . . how great would that be?

. . . familiar territory for a personal event – you would never dream of turning up without presenting yourself at your best . . .

So why do people treat their businesses differently?

When shopping for the aforementioned items, there you are credit card at the ready – to guarantee that you look great . . .

. . . but when it comes to presenting your business image, the above rules seem to be forgotten . . .

. . . surely you want your business to stand out and shine above the competition too?

doesn’t your business deserve its own designer outfit?

you want your business to be remembered because . . .

you made it look professional?

you made sure it has a striking logo?

your business branding style and accessories convince people you know what you’re doing?

. . . and you want people to buy from you and spend lots of their money?

So don’t be a hypocrite . . . if you want others to spend with you, then make sure you are prepared to spend a bit on getting a your business a designer outfit.

And unlike that designer suit, that might hardly get worn . . .

. . . your business designer outfit will be on show making your brand look great all the time . .

unlike that designer suit that might be mocked if you wear it again and again . . .

. . . your business designer outfit needs to be on show everywhere . . . it’s good to be recognised . . .  and remembered . . .

. . . because when you invest in a quality designer outfit that makes your business look great you’ll be proud to show it off. . .

. . . even if it’s just a local networking . . . or a short presentation at a monthly business meeting . . . or a special stand you booked at a local event or show . . .

. . . all the same rules apply.


Designer outfit

Give your business:

– Some class with a designer logo . . .

– A great outfit with some top quality business cards . . .

– The attention factor with some branded t-shirts with your logo.

– The ability to be remembered with professionally designed flyers / information leaflets.

Make sure that people gravitate towards you from afar . . . because your business looks the absolute best that it can.

Don’t let your business down by not dressing it up – make a great impression . . .

One of my customers recently asked me for some help in creating a designer outfit for her business for an event she is attending later this month.

Sapna at Ayur-ved runs a holistic massage therapy business from therapy centres around Nottingham

with new business cards and t-shirts for her event, she’s now right on track . . .

. . . but are you?

This blog is created and written entirely by Linda Wild
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Why you should not use an initialism or acronym in your business name.

The reason people tend to use an initialism or acronym for their business name is because they think too much about what their business means to them and less about how it will be perceived by their potential customers. . . .

. . . or possibly because they think too less about appreciating the importance of the right business name and using an initialism or acronym is a quick fix.

. . . . but most businesses have very little understanding of marketing . . . because their business is about anything other than marketing.

. . . so do you know . . . . . what is the meaning of initialism or acronym Continue reading

Professional Flyer Design Services Here

On the back of creating some brilliant branding at excellent prices through the Wild Ideas and DBN web design Awesome branding package . . . . .

. . . . . .  my latest customer has also used my flyer design services and added to her startup marketing range two thousand promotional flyers to distribute in her local area.

if you don’t tell people that you’re there then  no one’s going to find you  . . . . well not in a hurry anyway.
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