What’s a responsive website and why you need one

I  had a lovely conversation on Monday with a copywriter friend, which led to an bit of an eye opening revelation about responsive websites.

In fact we got on so well, and our business models are so similar that I think we will soon be working together to be able to offer better services to each of our respective clients.

Gayle Edwards is a copywriter based in Lichfield and during our meeting we talked about her own website and why she is not that keen on it.

I had a look when I got home and it’s very nice.
In fact the only immediate thing that I noticed is that it is not a responsive website.

When I said this to her, I was quite surprised when she responded telling me that to be honest she did not know what a responsive website was. . .

So there was the eye opener . . . . a kind of reminder really too – for me – to not assume that everyone is in the know about everything.

But if you have an online presence then it really ought to include a responsive website . . . .
so what is it?

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Meta descriptions – a beginners guide

OK, meta data, meta tags, meta descriptions, meta description tags . . . hands up who knows what they are?

This definition from tech terms is helpful
Meta data is data about data, it provides information about an item’s content.

And the specific areas of meta data on a web page associated with specific information are called meta tags, so you will get meta keyword tags and meta description tags / meta descriptions.

Whether you know all this or not, the one thing I can guarantee . . .

You all will have seen these meta descriptions and read them, even if you don’t know what and where they appear.
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