Why you should not use an initialism or acronym in your business name.

The reason people tend to use an initialism or acronym for their business name is because they think too much about what their business means to them and less about how it will be perceived by their potential customers. . . .

. . . or possibly because they think too less about appreciating the importance of the right business name and using an initialism or acronym is a quick fix.

. . . . but most businesses have very little understanding of marketing . . . because their business is about anything other than marketing.

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Why you should google your new business name before you register it

Every new business nowadays should have a website at some point  . . . .

. . .and when you do it needs to represent your business . . .which means having the same name as your new business name . . .

. . . .so when you’re starting out and choosing your new business name it is wise, prudent and sensible to search domain names and consider this very important issue at the same time . . . .

even if you have not got any plans for a website straight away you can register the domain and it will be safe for at least a year . . . . Continue reading

Your Business Growth Journey starts here

It is always great to be able to help new businesses get their feet off the ground with fantastic branding that gives them credibility and a professional look right from the start.

And today I am able to tell you about one of those businesses. . . and include lots of helpful tips along the way.

Cost of course is always an issue . . . even if funds are available, making the right call on how to allocate them has to be done right.

That is why Wild Ideas (that’s me) and my associates at DBN web design decided to put together some business branding packages at discounted bundled prices

. . . as well as Wild Ideas interest free payment terms. . . you have no excuse for getting fabulous branding at exceptional prices.

Q. . Are you a new business who wants start your business growth journey looking great?
Q. . Have you done the DIY branding just to get you going and realise the next step on your business growth journey is a professional revamp? . . . .

A. . business growth means . . . working with a competent and capable designer to create cohesive branding that works across the whole spectrum of your marketing.
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6 ways to make it good to talk

Talk, you can all do that can’t you . . . .

my family will all say I talk too much . . . I am old and wise enough now to agree with them . . .

. . . and I get tired of it sometimes. . . especially when I have to repeat myself when my kids are not listening.

And talking in front of everyone at a business networking – that is not always  so good – so I will come back to this later . . .

But sometimes it’s good to talk . . . Continue reading

Meta descriptions – a beginners guide

OK, meta data, meta tags, meta descriptions, meta description tags . . . hands up who knows what they are?

This definition from tech terms is helpful
Meta data is data about data, it provides information about an item’s content.

And the specific areas of meta data on a web page associated with specific information are called meta tags, so you will get meta keyword tags and meta description tags / meta descriptions.

Whether you know all this or not, the one thing I can guarantee . . .

You all will have seen these meta descriptions and read them, even if you don’t know what and where they appear.
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Is your website bitter-sweet?

Last week I talked about getting what you pay for, and a while ago I came across this quote. . . .

“The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Is Remembered Long After The Sweetness Of Low Price Has Faded From Memory”

It really struck a chord with me, in how it related to many people’s attitude to the design and creation of their websites in particular.

Think on this to demonstrate my point. . .
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