Why you should not use an initialism or acronym in your business name.

The reason people tend to use an initialism or acronym for their business name is because they think too much about what their business means to them and less about how it will be perceived by their potential customers. . . .

. . . or possibly because they think too less about appreciating the importance of the right business name and using an initialism or acronym is a quick fix.

. . . . but most businesses have very little understanding of marketing . . . because their business is about anything other than marketing.

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Why you should google your new business name before you register it

Every new business nowadays should have a website at some point  . . . .

. . .and when you do it needs to represent your business . . .which means having the same name as your new business name . . .

. . . .so when you’re starting out and choosing your new business name it is wise, prudent and sensible to search domain names and consider this very important issue at the same time . . . .

even if you have not got any plans for a website straight away you can register the domain and it will be safe for at least a year . . . . Continue reading

Another Awesome Brand – specially for start-ups

First I want to apologise for not blogging these past 2 weeks. . . .

Half Term . . . . plus two inset days (teacher training so school closed to kids) . . . . and a busy schedule seems to have taken their toll . . . .

. . . but just about back on track, this morning I want to give a good old-fashioned shout out to my most recent client Dr Paul. . . .

thank you to her for helping Wild Ideas original graphic design to launch another Awesome Brand . . . .

. . . . .  and congratulations on opening her “Elegance cosmetic clinic” today – 8th November 2016.
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What’s a responsive website and why you need one

I  had a lovely conversation on Monday with a copywriter friend, which led to an bit of an eye opening revelation about responsive websites.

In fact we got on so well, and our business models are so similar that I think we will soon be working together to be able to offer better services to each of our respective clients.

Gayle Edwards is a copywriter based in Lichfield and during our meeting we talked about her own website and why she is not that keen on it.

I had a look when I got home and it’s very nice.
In fact the only immediate thing that I noticed is that it is not a responsive website.

When I said this to her, I was quite surprised when she responded telling me that to be honest she did not know what a responsive website was. . .

So there was the eye opener . . . . a kind of reminder really too – for me – to not assume that everyone is in the know about everything.

But if you have an online presence then it really ought to include a responsive website . . . .
so what is it?

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How to make sure you look good

This really kind of follows on from last week, where I talked about networking and meeting people.

So are you making sure you look good, and what about your business card, are you making sure that looks good too?

It stands to reason that for anyone to take you seriously then you want to be certain to look good.

So before you go out, have a shower, dress smartly, brush your hair, polish your shoes, add a touch of lipstick – if thats’ you . . . . Continue reading

Lets get your business started

I am now just returning back to normality from a busy half term week –  the design work did not stop though.

Three weeks ago I did a presentation at Lichfield Library, to a group of business start-ups, who are part of Lichfield business enterprise support.

A few of the group left me their email addresses, and one gentleman (who I shall call Mr V) got in touch, as he needed a business card in a hurry. Continue reading