Another Awesome Brand – specially for start-ups

First I want to apologise for not blogging these past 2 weeks. . . .

Half Term . . . . plus two inset days (teacher training so school closed to kids) . . . . and a busy schedule seems to have taken their toll . . . .

. . . but just about back on track, this morning I want to give a good old-fashioned shout out to my most recent client Dr Paul. . . .

thank you to her for helping Wild Ideas original graphic design to launch another Awesome Brand . . . .

. . . . .  and congratulations on opening her “Elegance cosmetic clinic” today – 8th November 2016.
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Your Business Growth Journey starts here

It is always great to be able to help new businesses get their feet off the ground with fantastic branding that gives them credibility and a professional look right from the start.

And today I am able to tell you about one of those businesses. . . and include lots of helpful tips along the way.

Cost of course is always an issue . . . even if funds are available, making the right call on how to allocate them has to be done right.

That is why Wild Ideas (that’s me) and my associates at DBN web design decided to put together some business branding packages at discounted bundled prices

. . . as well as Wild Ideas interest free payment terms. . . you have no excuse for getting fabulous branding at exceptional prices.

Q. . Are you a new business who wants start your business growth journey looking great?
Q. . Have you done the DIY branding just to get you going and realise the next step on your business growth journey is a professional revamp? . . . .

A. . business growth means . . . working with a competent and capable designer to create cohesive branding that works across the whole spectrum of your marketing.
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9 reasons people will notice your free marketing flyer template design

Are you old enough to remember the pre-digital age? . . .there are less of us now . . . no mobile phones, no email or internet, OMG no Facebook?

If any of you have been watching Cradle to Grave, BBC 2. . . . you will even have been reminded of a time before video recorders . . . (what are they then? . . . crikey it was a long time ago)

Anyway it was a time when if we wanted to market our business or event or party, or communicate with people we had to use real paper. . . . printed ink and an actual written message. . . .



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To coin a phrase . . . what time do you make it?

Well currently as I type it is 15.04 on Monday afternoon (and I have 10 minutes before I need to get the boys from school). . .

. . A bit early to start a Tuesday morning blog, but times are a changing, as I will explain.

I talked about time management a couple of weeks ago – and that particular subject is going really well. My office is at the south facing front of the house and therefore easy to spot the sun when it makes an appearance.
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The importance of being earnest

This week I have been catching up on paperwork , as most of my clients seem to be tied up away on holiday or entertaining the children while they are off school.

It has come to my attention that although clients, with all good intentions have agreed to write earnest testimonials for me, these have not quite materialised for all manner of reasons I imagine.

Oscar Wilde has been telling people how important it is to be serious and sincere (earnest) for just 6 months shy of 120 years. We should take a leaf out of his book.
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Thank you Michael . . .(tech 2)

It is so lovely to get feedback from readers of my blog, which I do quite often. However this week I got a really great constructive and questioning comment. So Thanks for that Michael. Continue reading