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On the back of creating some brilliant branding at excellent prices through the Wild Ideas and DBN web design Awesome branding package . . . . .

. . . . . .  my latest customer has also used my flyer design services and added to her startup marketing range two thousand promotional flyers to distribute in her local area.

if you don’t tell people that you’re there then  no one’s going to find you  . . . . well not in a hurry anyway.
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How to get the word out

In my village of Fradley, Lichfield I have managed to get the word out that I am a graphic designer.

The story of this latest marketing flyer project will give you a few pointers in what to do and what not to do to get the word out.

And as my latest design project is a charity fundraiser for Fradley village, I was happy to do the work for free. . . .

. . . to be fair the request was purely to organise the printing . . . but that was before I saw the “design” they wanted me to replicate.

. . . If something is worth doing then it’s worth doing well. . . .

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9 reasons people will notice your free marketing flyer template design

Are you old enough to remember the pre-digital age? . . .there are less of us now . . . no mobile phones, no email or internet, OMG no Facebook?

If any of you have been watching Cradle to Grave, BBC 2. . . . you will even have been reminded of a time before video recorders . . . (what are they then? . . . crikey it was a long time ago)

Anyway it was a time when if we wanted to market our business or event or party, or communicate with people we had to use real paper. . . . printed ink and an actual written message. . . .



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And . . . . When its essential to GIVE

Following on from last week, I talked about a business situation when TAKING is in your best interest. . .
But when it comes to pleasing your customers GIVING is always the best bet . . . .

You will recall . . . . .
during your 60 second slot at any networking:
TAKE advantage of your opportunity.
TAKE confidence in your abilities
TAKE pride in your personality and GIVE it your all. . . .

So I did, I GAVE my presentation, without a script ( its my business for heavens sake I don’t need a script)

I was relaxed, friendly, being me, not worrying about pleasing everyone in the room, but merely getting my message across.

And making sure I did as much GIVING as I could, because people love it when you give them things?

( I got some lovely feedback too, when one lady came to chat to me afterwards and congratulated me on the way I presented myself – and offer a warning** – more later). Continue reading

8 Reasons why you’ll want to read this

I am always trying to learn new things, and in the same way that those of you who enjoy rendering this, I too have a couple of blogs that I like to follow and learn from.

One of my favourites, and the one I find greatly valuable is a guy called Peep Laja, and it is to him I must credit this weeks learning.

Reason number 1: You can’t afford not to

Because its got a hidden message in the headline, that will be valuable to improving your business marketing and if you don’t read it you will never know what that is, which may put you at a disadvantage with your competitors! Continue reading