How to Create an Awesome logo design

Are you setting up your new business?. . . . on a tight budget? . . . . would love a website? . . . business cards? and an Awesome logo design? . . . . .

Worried getting your branding right is going to come at too high a cost . . . . STOP!

. . .At Wild Ideas, and DBN web design we love working with business start ups . . . .

Even if you are on a really tight budget, you can get a website, social media banners, business cards and an Awesome logo design . . . . .

. . . . we are there with you right at the beginning . . . . we can make sure your branding looks as professionally perfect as it can be right from the off . . .

. . . which is why we created our branding packages . . . . so you can buy more for less . . .  . a price you can afford.

With an Outstanding choice from 4 Elite categories . . . all including an Awesome logo design . . . you are sure to find one to suit you . . .

What an absolutely epic idea to get you started!

Bluebells Wood Fired Kitchen – mobile Pizzeria now has their own Awesome logo design . . . . . .
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Your Business Growth Journey starts here

It is always great to be able to help new businesses get their feet off the ground with fantastic branding that gives them credibility and a professional look right from the start.

And today I am able to tell you about one of those businesses. . . and include lots of helpful tips along the way.

Cost of course is always an issue . . . even if funds are available, making the right call on how to allocate them has to be done right.

That is why Wild Ideas (that’s me) and my associates at DBN web design decided to put together some business branding packages at discounted bundled prices

. . . as well as Wild Ideas interest free payment terms. . . you have no excuse for getting fabulous branding at exceptional prices.

Q. . Are you a new business who wants start your business growth journey looking great?
Q. . Have you done the DIY branding just to get you going and realise the next step on your business growth journey is a professional revamp? . . . .

A. . business growth means . . . working with a competent and capable designer to create cohesive branding that works across the whole spectrum of your marketing.
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Pourquoi? – Qui? – Comment? Font – Colour – Design.

Blog 99, (eurovision) remember this:
Watch this space, and in a future blog I will tell you how it went.

Well true to my word, here is the client story, the Why, Who and How. . . . of the Parent = Leader project. . . . . (with some valuable design tips on font and colour  to help you too.)

. . . . now in the beginning, this was merely a great opportunity to catch up with an old acquaintance, and work on my first international project . . . .

. . . but more recently, due to personal events with my eldest son (just the normal pressures of bringing up a 9 year old I guess) this has made me think a little deeper. Continue reading