6 ways to make it good to talk

Talk, you can all do that can’t you . . . .

my family will all say I talk too much . . . I am old and wise enough now to agree with them . . .

. . . and I get tired of it sometimes. . . especially when I have to repeat myself when my kids are not listening.

And talking in front of everyone at a business networking – that is not always  so good – so I will come back to this later . . .

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(How) do you respond?

Respond, answer, say something in reply, react, retort.

1. Are you good at it?
2. Do you even bother?
3. Does it depend who is asking and what they say?

Q. How bad do you feel when others DO NOT respond to you?

Last week my eldest son turned 9.**
Apparently, according to his teacher (from yesterdays parents evening) he listens well in class!

I pretty much know that he listens to me, but he chooses* to hardly ever respond!

A. Well its often irritating, it can be annoying and, sometimes frustrating, particularly when you have asked a question.
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Come and look at this

You know how when you are working, it’s all about what your customer needs, and you are busily working IN your business . . .
. . . after all, you don’t get paid for working ON your own business do you?

Lets find out . . . .

. . . .I am really proud of all the design work I do for my clients, my integrity ensures that they get an excellent service and a top class designed result, that ticks the boxes of my continued marketing learning . . . .

. . . and then they happily pay me for my work.
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Stress, stretch and sweep!

OMG – I am so busy, I think I might have overstretched myself. . . .

so little time so much to do – personal stuff, its my wedding anniversary so having a day out with hubby – but that means less time to work!

Couple of trade shows booked  to attend. . . . so hopefully make some new contacts, but that means less time to work!

Saying yes, when asked to be on committees, and getting involved with my village, so that takes up time which guess what – means less time to work!
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Jumpstarting the Spaces in Time

It’s nice to be able to say, that since moving to Fradley, a little over two years ago, and doing some serious business focussing, that my work and clients have steadily increased.

I have met some new people locally, and via referrals, and from my website, and from some publicity flyers promoting the FREE website Offer, as well as some contacts from the FSB.

Its always nice when you get the next random enquiry, telephone call or email, with a new and exciting project to embark on. Continue reading