This is not my area of expertise

Can you remember as a child getting all excited by new technology, and being better at setting the video recorder than your parents and then wondering why they just did not seem that interested?

Well I think I have come full circle now, because I have embraced a lot of technology as I have grown up, and got to a point where my brain is just not that interested in it anymore.

Its hard work learning new stuff, and much as I should get excited at the prospect of a new gadget, or mobile phone . . . Continue reading

The Magic Words, Secrets Revealed.

First thing that comes to mind with a title like this is most likely going to be Abracadabra – or something of that ilk. Maybe Open Sesame – a bit of Ali baba, or another children’s fairy story.

Well as ever, I write the blog on real experiences and things that have happened over the last week, and this week the story is about writing a good story, with some magic words.
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chewing like crazy

In a bid to be successful with my design business, I do need some help from those who have done it.
 Botty’s Rule Number 2 (Entrepreneur Circle – see previous blogs)- is “who you hang around with matters a lot” and so I always try to keep on learning from those who know. Continue reading