ooh . . .13 Reasons for a happy breath!

Today’s blog is a bit late. . . . although I imagine you never really noticed. . . . I seem to have a few things that have had to be prioritised . . .

Just for a change, even though it did all get a bit stressful for a while. . . things are coming together nicely . . .

I can now relax and look forward to Christmas.

1. (. . . . ooh keep calm and take a happy breath!)

design your own keep calm poster
design your own keep calm poster

(design your own keep calm poster here.)

It’s that time of year when you have to try and fit Christmas into your normal schedule. . . and I have had so many things to do of late.

Last Friday, I had to forego the Lichfield Rugby Club breakfast meeting  . . . . . .
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