Pourquoi? – Qui? – Comment? Font – Colour – Design.

Blog 99, (eurovision) remember this:
Watch this space, and in a future blog I will tell you how it went.

Well true to my word, here is the client story, the Why, Who and How. . . . of the Parent = Leader project. . . . . (with some valuable design tips on font and colour  to help you too.)

. . . . now in the beginning, this was merely a great opportunity to catch up with an old acquaintance, and work on my first international project . . . .

. . . but more recently, due to personal events with my eldest son (just the normal pressures of bringing up a 9 year old I guess) this has made me think a little deeper. Continue reading

Come and look at this

You know how when you are working, it’s all about what your customer needs, and you are busily working IN your business . . .
. . . after all, you don’t get paid for working ON your own business do you?

Lets find out . . . .

. . . .I am really proud of all the design work I do for my clients, my integrity ensures that they get an excellent service and a top class designed result, that ticks the boxes of my continued marketing learning . . . .

. . . and then they happily pay me for my work.
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Featuring George Clooney. (your #1 marketing mistake)

In continuation from last weeks theme of looking good, face to face, and maintaining that look on your business card.

I am now coming onto the rest of your marketing, flyers and website, invitations, banners and promotions . . .

But less on the actual items themselves, and more on the content and ingredients of your branding for these items.

SO go with me on this for a bit . . . . . does George Clooney look good to you? Continue reading

This is scandalous – but I have to agree!


With so much going on around us, and seemingly so little time to fit everything in, then we tend to be quick to dismiss things that don’t have real power  . . . . Continue reading