5 tasks for a perfect end of year accounts method

It’s that time of year when all accountants and bookkeepers start to get  really busy and some of us small business owners might go into a bit of panic depending how organised we are . . . . .
. . . Have you done your end of year accounts yet?

. . .the tax return deadline for 2015/16 year is the end of January 2017 . . .but with christmas distraction in the way, then it is easy for the time to fly by without realising. . .
. . . but Mr HMRC doesn’t care. . the deadline is the deadline. . . . Continue reading

Defining Moment

I would imagine, that most people who run their own businesses, do something that they enjoy – I hope this is as true as it seems obvious,
you do end up putting a lot of time and effort in – so you had better enjoy it – you only get one life. Continue reading