Computer problems? I know a man who can!

A couple of weeks ago my brilliant mac computer finally almost died on me and it was frustrating because it never lets me down . . . . .

. . . . and I was always of the policy if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. . . . but you need to be prepared (scouting taught me that) . . .

. . . and when all else fails I knew it would be OK because I know a man who can. . . .

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(How) do you respond?

Respond, answer, say something in reply, react, retort.

1. Are you good at it?
2. Do you even bother?
3. Does it depend who is asking and what they say?

Q. How bad do you feel when others DO NOT respond to you?

Last week my eldest son turned 9.**
Apparently, according to his teacher (from yesterdays parents evening) he listens well in class!

I pretty much know that he listens to me, but he chooses* to hardly ever respond!

A. Well its often irritating, it can be annoying and, sometimes frustrating, particularly when you have asked a question.
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